What's the Most Effective Less-Lethal Weapon?

A Tactical Flashlight is the Best Non-Lethal Tool You Can Carry Every Day for Self-Defense

Hey Black Belt Magazine reader,

The advice some instructors give about less-lethal self-defense tools isn't just cringe-worthy, it can also be downright IRRESPONSIBLE

Take for example what many so-called "experts" say about the following devices:

"Carry a safety whistle to scare away a robber or rapist."

You're literally just wasting your breath on a whistle. 

It might make a lot of noise but a whistle will physically do NOTHING to stop a violent robber from gutting you with a kitchen knife and stealing your phone and wallet.

"Use a stun gun because it'll work on anyone."

Stun guns are NOT foolproof.

Firstly, they require direct contact to deliver the electroshock. 

That means you have to be able to touch the bad guy. And if you can touch him, guess what? That means he can grab, throw, punch, stab, and shoot you.

Secondly, not all stun guns are made equal. 

Some companies hock models that deliver 16-million volts ... but have such low amperage (which is the strength of an electrical current and the more important measurement here) that they won't do more than just tickle an enraged thug.

And last but not least, electroshock weapons might not have any effect on a maniac who's hopped up on PCP or other drugs. He'll literally feel nothing

"Pepper spray only takes one spray to bring down an assailant."

If only that were true all the time!

The truth is some people can power through a blast of OC spray, while others might be too intoxicated or high on drugs to notice its stinging effects.

Plus, depending on the model, pepper spray requires you to target the eyes, nose, or throat — hit a murderer in the chest and you'll only fuel his rage.

Oh, then there's the dangerous complications of weather.

In wet or rainy conditions, pepper spray loses range and accuracy. 

And if it's windy, it could even blowback and hit YOU in the face — and in a fight for your life, the last thing you want to do is help the bad guy!

But a sturdy handheld flashlight can save your life — regardless of the weather or the bad guy's physiological state.

That's because a tactical flashlight is both a long-range "projectile" and a close-quarters combat weapon.

What do we mean? Let us clarify it's top BENEFITS:

1) Reach Out and Blind Someone!

It's a long-range "projectile" of sorts because you can "throw" 600 lumens' worth of white light to blind a bad guy before he even gets within 15 feet of you (unlike a stun gun, which needs to be deploy within arm's reach of a dangerous mugger or murderer). 

And unless your opponent is a mountain lion with natural night vision, even a mid-level tactical flashlight will have enough lumens to temporarily blind any two-legged predator long enough for you to flee. 

Even a low-powered handheld torch used in the dark can impair a goon's vision long enough for you to close the gap to finish the fight (unlike pepper spray that requires pinpoint accuracy and perfect weather conditions to work).

2) It's essentially a compact metal pipe!

Some critics say, "Well, flashlights don't work during the day." And to that we say, "Ha! Have you ever been hit with a flashlight before?" It's like getting smashed in the face with a mini metal pipe!

Most tactical flashlights are made out of aluminum or high-impact polymer — both of which make for excellent blunt weapons. 

Hit a criminal anywhere with a flashlight and it'll hurt. Hit him in the right targets and you can break bones and even knock him out.

And the reason why they're such great weapons for close-quarter combat is that they're usually lightweight and compact enough to stick in your pocket. That makes them portable and more likely to be on you if trouble strikes.

And a self-defense tool is only useful if you can get it into your hand in time.

3) It's a Practical Everyday-Carry Tool

And perhaps the best reason to pocket a flashlight whenever you leave the house is because it ILLUMINATES.

And that can help even during the daytime. How?

Ever dropped an item behind a couch? Had something roll under your bed? Or maybe you've had to check under the hood of your car.

The main function of a flashlight alone makes it worthy of being carried as part of your daily loadout — and it's legal pretty much EVERYWHERE.

The fact that it's an effective improvised weapon that can both blind and beat a violent attacker makes it all that much more valuable to your personal protection.

That All Sounds Great, But the PROBLEM Is ...

"Where do I learn how to fight with a flashlight effectively? It's not like there's a flashlight martial arts school out there I can join."

That's where our new "EDC Flashlight" course comes into play.

It shines some much-needed light on an area of personal protection that's been kept in the darkness for too long.

We've melded our knowledge of flashlights and tactical firearms with a combined six decades of experience in martial arts, combatives, and combat sports to bring to you a practical and effective program that anyone — you, your kids, your grandparents — could learn today to help protect themselves on the streets today.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn in Our New 31-Part Program, "EDC Flashlight: Daily-Carry Defense Part I"™ ...

  • The Facts About Violence: If you are not aware of these simple facts, you are way behind the curve. We explain how violence can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time — regardless of who you are.

  • Tactical Flashlights for Self-defense? You better believe this is NOT your granddad’s flashlight. We share the reasons why you need to carry one and also why you need to train it for self-defense.

  • You are TSA Approved: Whether you’re going through an airport, visiting a courthouse, or attending a football game, you’ll need to clear security. Got a knife? NO! Carrying a handgun? Hell NO! But packing the humble flashlight? You are A-OK.

  • Who wants to fracture their hands (like Mike Tyson did when he got into street-fights) in the middle of a brawl against multiple opponents? Or while trying to transition to a different weapon system (like your knife or firearm)? Use the flashlight as a force multiplier that will save your hands.

  • Prevention is the BEST medicine. We share several examples of how to prevent violence with your “light” saber. You might not even have to use physical force to escape danger.

  • Drop your flashlight? (S#!t happens, you never know). Luckily, it is NOT the same as dropping your knife or gun if the bad guy gets a hold of it … “Huh?” — let us explain.

  • Maybe the most practical use of your “tactical” flashlight? It is literally right in front of your eyes!

  • The Dark Side. Now hold on there, Jedi. The flashlight is not the holy grail of weapons. Like any weapon, there are limitations. It is important to know the limits of your weapons systems. We clearly lay out what you should be aware of to CYA (Cover Your Ass).

  • Mindset: When going into any type of test (be it physical or mental or both) having the correct mindset is more important than skillset or toolset. We review the most important mindset concepts to keep you safe. IMPORTANT: If you share any of the information with your family (including your children), share THIS!

  • Location, location, location — where to carry your flashlight for fast access under duress. HINT: Not at the bottom of your purse or backpack. We share with you the locations that make the most sense. We reveal where to carry on your person, backpack, purse or car. Put it in the wrong place and it will injure you (especially your car!)

Still not enough? Here are MORE benefits to our online course:

  • Get a Grip, Bro! The one way to grasp your flashlight so that you can strike with it in a dangerous way and NOT lose it in the process. Skip this crucial detail and you might as well just hand your flashlight to the bad guy.

  • The one detail with the grip that most instructors miss — failure to do this can cause your strikes to land with little or no impact. Even worse, it’ll send the flashlight flying out of your hand.

  • Do you know how to use your flashlight indoors so you don’t blind yourself? Avoid this cardinal sin of tactical flashlight use or you’ll end up without any night vision.

  • Learn this simple (but not easy) 3-step illumination technique so you don’t put a target on your back for the two-legged predators lurking in the shadows.

  • To Strobe or Not to Strobe? Have a flashing strobe function on your light? Do you need one? Should you look for a flashlight with one or save your money? We clearly define the good, the bad, and the ugly of this high-tech feature and YOU decide for yourself if you want it or not. Tip: in some cases it may help and in other cases it may actually trigger an assault.

  • Drawing Your Flashlight: Here is where other self-defense programs fall short. If you do not have a method of getting your flashlight into play from its carry position, you will not be able to use the 101 moves you might learn from those programs. We share two effective deployments: front pocket and back pocket draws, both with the dominant and the support hand.

  • Drillers are Killers: If someone teaches you a self-defense technique and tells you, ”You don’t need to drill this,” tell them to take a hike. News flash — you WILL need to drill to be proficient. But that doesn’t mean it will not be fun. It WILL be fun, plus you will get a great workout (a six-pack is NOT guaranteed but you never know) and you will have a better chance of defending yourself or those you love.

  • Gun-owner? Got a shot timer? Watch an innovative way to use it in your combatives training. Kapow!

  • Savage striking — train along as we show you how to deliver thundering strikes with your flashlight.

  • Scientific progressive training: Only Tiga Tactics has this unique training method that takes you from zero to hero in a realistic way. You will be able to go from complete beginner to extreme expert in the shortest time possible with the scientific progression.

And all those benefits are in just the FIRST 30 MINUTES of our program! Want more? You Got it! ...

  • Light-up or light-down striking? Which is better? We will tell you and we will train them BOTH making you twice the fighter.

  • Weapon Strike Wave: what is that? It is a movement that allows you to strike with your entire body. Only 125 pounds? Well then, hit with all 125 pounds! This is what the Chinese masters called an “internal strike.” We shed light on how to do it from a modern approach.

  • Unbelievable details — Whether you are striking like a boxer or using your EDC flashlight, witness master-level instruction only a teacher in Tai Chi, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Kali, and Karate can deliver. Indeed, you will see the best principles of martial arts on full display, allowing you to leverage thousands of years of knowledge along with cutting-edge body mechanics that only a master martial artist and doctor of chiropractic can deliver.

  • Why you need to have solo training: It’s not always about hulking out on the heavy bag, my friends. Solo training has many advantages. Hint — your joints will last longer.

  • Strong hand draw and support hand draw! It’s like getting two programs in one. You like to draw with your strong hand? We have you covered. Using the flashlight as a backup weapon? We show you how to.

  • Fight to Your Light: Learn to quickly transition from empty-hands combatives to drawing your EDC tool. This is the one transition many other teachers neglect. You may not have the convenience of drawing in a sterile environment. Learn to fight to your light!

  • Putting it all together — empty-hand combatives, dynamic draw under pressure, and ballistic striking training. YES! Let’s go! Bonus: how to do it all with a shot timer to improve your speed and competency.

  • Professional Production: This instructional video is not filmed in an alleyway, karate school or park. We head back into a well-lit, sound-controlled studio. “So what?” you ask. You will be able to hear every word we say and see every movement. This is important because we know that if you miss one word or motion, you might miss out on a detail that could save your life or the life of someone you love.

So, Just who is Tiga Tactics?

And Why Should You Listen to Us?

As a subject-matter expert on self-defense, Dr. Conrad Bui has been published in numerous international magazines.

Our co-founder, Dr. Conrad Bui, has been been involved in Kali (a deadly bladed art from the Philippines) since 1990, eventually earning the rank of guro (instructor). 

Later on, he achieved certification as a senior instructor in both Silat Serak and Kuntao Silat de Thouars under legendary teachers from Southeast Asia who specialize in edged weapons.

Along with his advanced rankings in bladed combat arts, he is also a Muay Thai coach at World Team USA and a competitive black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

To round out his skillset, he has also spent time ducking haymakers and beer bottles when he pulled security duty as a bouncer at a biker bar

Patrick Vuong has written about knives, flashlights, and self-defense since 2001 in a variety of international publications, including Knives Illustrated.

His co-founder, Patrick Vuong, is an instructor in the bladed art of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali, which uses a wide range of edged tools, including knives and machetes.

He's also a black belt in Kenpo Karate and Southern Shaolin Kung, and is a certified handgun instructor. 

If that weren’t enough, he's also served as the senior editor of Recoil Magazine, where he had the honor of studying under some of the country’s elite warriors, including current and former members of the U.S. Army Special Forces and the U.S. Navy SEALs.

And as a subject-matter authority, he's often asked by international publications like Offgrid Magazine and Black Belt Magazine to write about real-world combatives and self-defense.

Patrick Vuong wrote a primer on using flashlights for self-defense in Concealment Magazine.

Together we have trained hundreds of students in the use of empty hands, dedicated weapons, and improvised self-defense tools.

We distill only the best of our 60-plus years of combined experience to bring the lessons to you so that …

You don’t have to train for decades to learn how to use a tactical flashlight

With violent crime skyrocketing in the past three years, you just don't have that kinda time to learn how to safely and effectively carry, deploy, and use a flashlight in a fight. 

You need something that'll work quickly and NOW.

So, to make sure you have everything you need to protect yourself and your loved ones, we're debuting "EDC Flashlight" — the first chapter in our new "Daily-Carry Defense" series.

And for a limited time, we're also throwing in $157 worth of free BONUSES for you! 

Here's a look at the FREE bonus materials you'll get when you order "EDC Flashlight" today:

  • "Flashlight Fighting: Martial Arts Applications for Your Handheld Torch" ($60 value) — This 9-part bonus course breaks down how to apply key combat concepts from two deadly fighting systems (Kali and Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do) while using your flashlight. It gives you a hands-on primer on blocks, angles of attack, and flow drills that will accelerate your flashlight skillset!

  • Membership to Our Exclusive Facebook Group ($97 value): Team Tiga Tactics is a Facebook group for our students, alumni, instructors, and trusted allies — a private group you can join only by invitation. This gives you access to insider content shown before the public sees it (or not at all) and exclusive discounts for future courses, products, and training.

  • Unlimited Email Support (Value: Priceless): If you ever have a question about a drill, technique, or concept, email us any time and we will get right back to you. We won't leave you hanging!

Here's a sneak peek at the "Flashlight Fighting" BONUS Program:

  • Filipino Martial Arts Drilling: Learn in detail a drill that will allow you and your partner to work on BOTH offense and defense — simultaneously!

  • What is a common attack with weapons and what is a natural defense? We throw that into the drill, so that you train a high-percentage attack and a high-percentage defense as well.

  • Defanging the Snake: What the hell is that? We clearly demonstrate this vital concept that will have you not only defending against your attacker but disabling them at the same time.

  • Overhook Shoulder Lock: Learn how this painful lock that can dislocate an attacker’s shoulder faster than you can say, “Gawddamn, that hurts!” and add it to the drill to give you reps and (more importantly) allow you to train it out of motion, because (surprise!) fights are all about MOTION.

  • Just ONE More Thing — yes, we like to overdeliver! — you get an additional lock out of this drill. The underhook lock into a joint-crushing armbar. That might sound complicated but once you do it a couple of times, it’ll come as natural as brushing your teeth.

Because there's just SO MUCH we want to teach you, we've also jammed in the following in this 9-part BONUS:

  • Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do: The Little Dragon’s scientific fighting art? Why not? We show how using some drills invented by this martial arts icon can make your flashlight fighting FANTASTIC!

  • When defending yourself with a flashlight, your attacker may block your strike. No problem. Use the Swinging Gate Drill to remove the obstruction and get back to work.

  • In combat, blocks and strikes can come from your left or right side. You will learn precise responses to deal with obstructions from both sides. Next, we add it to a drill you can use to get those reps in.

  • Drilling with your EYES CLOSED … huh? Yes! We show you how to drill with your eyes shut and why that can improve your muscle memory and make Bruce Lee proud. Not only is this a great way to get Instagram likes, it’ll burn the combat sensitivity into your nervous system.

"EDC Flashlight" bundled with all of these bonus materials would typically cost $307.

But today you won't even have to pay half that amount.

For a limited time — and because you're a reader of Black Belt Magazine, which we're also big fans of ...

We're offering "EDC Flashlight" for ONLY $47.

But, even without this massive sale, the bottom line is that you owe it to yourself and your family to have the knowledge, skills, and training you'll get from our home study course. 

But, in case you still have any doubts, read what this U.S. Army Special Forces soldier said about our training:

“Patrick Vuong and Dr. Conrad Bui bring the course material in an easy-to-understand and fun manner.  The two of them have an insane amount of experience and qualifications. As someone who regularly buys martial arts training content in digital format, this is one of the BEST ones I have seen.”

     — Evan Perperis
          U.S. Army Special Forces soldier
          Champion Obstacle Course Racer

Even if you plan to never step foot into a martial arts dojo or self-defense studio, you can still learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones with a tactical flashlight so that you aren't attacked by a violent robber in a dark parking lot or jumped by a burglar in the middle of the night.

The defensive mindset and skillsets you'll get from our “EDC Flashlight” program can help you get home in one piece.

And no doubt your loved ones will agree that a small investment of $47 is nothing compared to your personal safety.

Ironclad Moneyback Guarantee

Don’t like what you see? We’ll refund every penny. 

NO questions asked. 

That is how confident we are in knowing that you will LOVE the program and find it a valuable addition to your self-defense training.

Your Friends,

Dr. Conrad Bui & Patrick Vuong
Tiga Tactics co-founders


P.S. — “EDC Flashlight: Daily-Carry Defense Part I”™  is a new course for folks who want to protect themselves and their loved ones but can only use a less-lethal tool. For only $47, you receive all 31 videos and bonuses (a package with a total value worth $307, including an EXTRA 9-part training program).


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What Our Students Are Saying

Steven Barlow

Former Law Enforcement Officer — New York

“I can say that the skills taught here were very much in line with my experience as a police officer. It can SAVE YOUR LIFE.”

Jeffrey Han

Performer, Poet, and Producer — Los Angeles

“I liked how the course was practical and to the point. All techniques and methods were based in the reality of being attacked by a ... weapon. Also, the drills are a great workout. The training was an awesome way to prepare for unplanned combative situations in the real world.”

Tim MacWelch

Survival Instructor & "New York Times" Bestselling Author

"Self-defense shouldn't be limited to the 'best' of us, it should be for the 'rest' of us. So, whether you're in great shape (or not), you should still take the initiative to learn how to protect yourself and those you love — and Tiga Tactics is the BEST place I can recommend."