How to Survive When You’re Facing the Barrel of a Handgun

Discover the Power to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones from an Armed Bad Guy Using Nothing but Your Bare Hands and (More Importantly) Your Sharp Mind

Imagine you're with your family.

You’ve just parked outside your local grocery store when suddenly a scary-looking dude appears from between two vehicles.

He shoves a pistol in your face.

Would you know what to do next without freezing up, thinking about your response, or trying to remember what weapons you have on you and where? 

You might be saying, “I know what I’d do — I’d shoot him first.” 

Or perhaps, “I’d take out my pocketknife and cut him up.”

Or maybe even, “I’d kick the gun out of his hand.”

But here's the thing…

In this situation, it takes only 5 pounds of pressure for a bad guy to press the trigger and only 0.005 seconds (that’s 5 milliseconds) for his bullet to hit you from 6 feet away.

In other words, time is NOT on your side.

Even if you could get that shot/slice/kick off, there’s an even greater chance you’d be trading — a bullet for a bullet or a bullet for slash or strike.

Or even WORSE: you've traded, and the bad guy's bullet hits your loved one.

If you're not prepared to take the right action within a fraction of a second, the odds are against you.

Your life could be in serious danger … 

... like so many other innocent people who’ve been caught up in the skyrocketing gun violence that’s terrorized the United States and other places lately.

At this point you might say, “I don’t need to worry about guns because I live in a safe neighborhood.”

Well, where do you think robbers go to steal expensive items? They’re not looting in the ghettos, that’s for sure!

In the latest National Crime Victimization Survey produced by the U.S. Justice Department, there was actually a 44% INCREASE in violent crime.

That spike means hundreds of thousands more people were raped, robbed, and shot in the USA from the previous year.

And the No. 1 weapon used by criminals, aside from fists, was a firearm.

Here’s just a handful of the violent assaults, robberies, and murders being committed by cold-blooded criminals with pistols all over America:

So let me ask you.

Are you confident in your ability to defend yourself and your loved ones against an armed thug? 

Or do you have a sinking feeling that, despite the tools you carry and the training you’ve had, you might not be able to handle a gun threat? 

Does it leave you feeling uneasy and a little vulnerable?

If it does, I don’t blame you.

Hi, I’m Patrick Vuong, cofounder of Tiga Tactics.

I’ve spent the past 25 years studying self-defense, criminal behavior, and footage of real-life violence. And there are few scenarios that scare me more than having a gun shoved in my face.

That’s a big reason why I started training in tactical firearms — to learn how to use them so I could figure out how to stop them. Man, was I naïve!

My fear of, and healthy respect for, firearms grew even more when I became the senior editor of Recoil Magazine, the No. 1 firearms lifestyle magazine in the world. 

I spent years interviewing, shooting with, and training under some of the world’s most elite operators — from Navy SEALs to SWAT officers.

Years later, I became a certified pistol instructor myself. 

And you wanna know a secret about all that training and researching?

About 90% of what I learned in the dojo, in the classroom, and on the range would NEVER work in a real-life violent confrontation. That means …

You only need the other 10% to be effective on the street!

But which 10%? 

And 10% of what?

That’s where our new “Pistol Defense Course” fills the void.

My cofounder, Dr. Conrad Bui, and I have combined our self-defense experiences in martial arts, combat sports, combatives, and tactical firearms — a total of 60-plus years across more than a dozen systems — to filter out the tactical fantasies and martial arts myths and bring you only the nuts and bolts of dealing with an armed opponent when you yourself are UNARMED or UNABLE to get to your own weapon.

This guaranteed home study course is comprised of 76 videos (yes, seventy-six videos!) that packs in more than 3 hours’ worth of life-saving content.

Not only that, but it’s also fun and will boost your fitness levels. 

In this program you will NOT find 25 disarms and 50 flashy techniques. Instead you'll get a practical, no-BS approach to dealing with a handgun threat.

Here's a Glimpse of What You Will Learn in Our New 76-Part Program, “Pistol Defense Course”

  • Body Armor? Should you wear it? Maybe and maybe not. Let us explain. And if so, what type? We go into a subject few martial arts program even consider, let alone discuss.

  • Stop the Bleed! We go over what an IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) is and how knowledge of this may be even more important than self-defense or combatives skills.

  • Handgun Identification Do you know the differences? There are basically two types out there and how they work is essential knowledge for defending against them.

  • Not sure which is which? No worries, our techniques are modular and will work against either type of handgun.

  • Should you train defending against an actual firearm? We do not recommend it, and here is why. But if you choose to ignore our recommendationS, here is what you absolutely must do.

  • Why having too many techniques may REDUCE your chances of success in a violent encounter. Say what? Let us explain and the solution to this problem.

  • Hold up, John Wick! Before attempting to disarm a gun, where are your hands? Although a certain position is optimal (yes, we reveal that), the fact of the matter is…

  • Become a P.R.O. — Protect yourself, Reposition and restrain, before going on the Offense. This tactic can apply to an active shooter, a knife attack, club attack, and of course, a handgun threat. If you train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you already definitely practice this. We break it down for you.

  • Once you have control or have restrained the firearm, now it is time to go on the offense — but not so fast! You may be crossing the muzzle and, therefore, the path of the bullet with your arm. Avoid this big mistake that even the “experts” make.

  • Avoid this major training scar! Some systems train in such a way that they actually arm the bad guy. Listen to what happened to a law enforcement officer.

Wanna see more? The “Pistol Defense Course” has more than 3 hours of street-effective training, including the following:

  • 51 Drills! There is no other gun-defense program with even half that number of drills. Whether you train privately or run your own training academy, there’s more than enough drills to keep you sharp and keep your students happy for months on end.

  • We show you “Solo Training Tai Chi Style” — Go low and slow my friends. Why? It builds better muscle memory and proper technique.

  • Are you military, law enforcement, or wearing body armor? Do this when redirecting the muzzle. Civilian? Do this instead … yes, there is a crucial difference.

  • The cutting-edge Tiga Tactics training progression:. Watch how we combine ancient training practices with modern day MMA and even firearms training into the mix. This is the only place you will find it.

  • Crisis rehearsal — How to use visualization along with physical training. Good for both mind and body.

  • Slow, Smooth, and FAST: This logical progression will bring you from zero to hero in the shortest time possible. We’ll train this together.

  • Ready, set, GOOOO! Train with us with cutting edge technology. No more traditional counting the reps. It’s all about putting in your TIME and using a timer. Here is how to do it.

  • Dynamic and static training — What’s the difference? Why is it important? We show you how and why you need both!

  • Simon Says — Self-Defense Edition: Play this simple game of having your partner calling your strikes to improve your strike identification and take your training to a new level.

  • Resistance is Not Futile: Bad guys don’t just freeze the moment you defend yourself. Yet, many martial artists just gloss over the fact that an attacker will resist the moment you try a counter, but they never really train it because they do NOT know how. We show you how to add in the resistance both realistically and SAFELY.

You thought that was a lot? As the saying goes, “But wait, there’s more!” Our program also has these benefits:

  • How to train your mind to handle the worst-case scenario: the firearm discharging. Not only will we tell you what is most likely to happen (e.g. possibly burnt hands, ringing ears, etc.) but also how to put that into training safely. Forewarned is forearmed.

  • Enlightenment is in the TRAINING.™ If you are looking for a program with a lot of flash and 101 gun disarm techniques, you will NOT find it here. And if you are looking for a program with high-percentage tactics with gross-motor movements and lots of drills that will improve your odds of survival, this is for YOU.

  • No pads? No equipment? NO problem. We give you plenty of drills to do. Eventually you may want to invest in training equipment like focus mitts and Thai pads, but there is plenty to do without gear.

  • Focus Mitt Drills: Do focus mitts from boxing help you defend against a gun threat? They can and do. We share with you how to use this valuable piece of equipment to harness your speed and accuracy.

  • Extrasensory Perception? Yes, we will teach you how to use ESP — but before you think we’ve gone bonkers and “drank the Kool-Aid,” watch how we use this style of striking and be amazed. Advanced? Yes, but you will be ready if you follow our training progression.

  • Kickboxing in Gun Combatives? Thai pads aren’t used in only Muay Thai or kickboxing. Let’s put them on and train some gun-defense combatives. We show you the progressive training.

  • Bonus Video #1: How to Drill — With so many drills in this program, how do you pick which one for your training or class? We cut the fat and show you.

  • Bonus Video #2: Gun Disarm — Forget about using just your hands or arms; use your ENTIRE body to disarm the gun. It’s simple but few arts or instructors even know the basics of core movements. When you do this as shown, even the experts will say, “whoa!”

  • Bonus Video #3: Gun Disarm Flow Drill — We show you an effective drill that puts all your skills together that is, in one word, FUN. And use this drill to avoid just handing the firearm back to your attacker (yes, that actually happened to a cop).

  • No Fancy BS: We tell you to avoid the fancy, flashy techniques. As martial arts NERDS, we actually love them but would never use them. Here is why.

So who is Tiga Tactics?

And why should you listen to us

Tiga Tactics cofounders Patrick Vuong (left) and Dr. Conrad Bui teaching one of our sold-out seminars.

Well, as previously mentioned, I'm a certified pistol instructor and the former senior editor of Recoil Magazine.

I'm also an instructor in the bladed art of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali, which uses everything from knives and sticks to dirty boxing. 

If that weren't enough, I've been practicing martial arts since 1995 and earned black belts in Kenpo Karate and Southern Shaolin Kung Fu.

And as a subject-matter authority, I'm often asked by international publications like Black Belt Magazine and Knives Illustrated to write about real-world self-defense and have had hundreds of articles published.

Patrick Vuong

Cofounder | Chief Executive Officer | Chief Keyboard Monkey

  • Authorized instructor in the bladed art of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali
  • 2nd-Degree black belt in Lai Chung Chuan Fa
  • 1st-Degree black belt in Kenpo Karate
  • Certified pistol instructor
  • Instructor of women's self-defense since 2008
  • Former senior editor of Recoil Magazine, where he studied under former and current Special Operations Forces instructors in advanced tactical firearms, executive protection, and force-on-force training
  • Former columnist for Black Belt Magazine
  • Published knife reviewer since 2006

Meanwhile, my cofounder Dr. Conrad Bui has so much depth and breadth in his self-defense experience that it's rarely matched — even by other masters who are older and have been training longer than he has!

As a martial artist since 1978, he began formal training in the bladed art of Kali in 1990 and eventually earned the rank of guro (instructor). 

Later on, he achieved certification as a senior instructor in both Silat Serak and Kuntao Silat de Thouars under legendary teachers from Southeast Asia who specialize in edged weapons.

And most recently he was awarded a black belt in Iaido, the Japanese sword art that stems from Samurai culture.

Along with his advanced rankings in bladed combat arts, he is also a Muay Thai coach at World Team USA, a competitive black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and a certified pistol instructor.

To round out his impressive and diverse skillset, he has also spent time ducking haymakers and beer bottles when he pulled security duty as a bouncer at a biker bar

Dr. Conrad Bui

Cofounder | Chief Training Officer | Chief Bone-Cruncher

  • Former bar bouncer and security professional
  • Guro (full instructor) in the bladed art of Kali
  • Guru Tua (advanced instructor) in the bladed art of Pentjak Silat Serak
  • Sigung (master-level instructor) in the bladed art of Kuntao Silat de Thouars
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and gold medalist
  • Muay Thai coach at World Team USA
  • 5th-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and American Freestyle Karate
  • A certified pistol instructor
  • A black belt in the Japanese sword art of Iaido 
  • Former Colorado State champion in sport karate
  • Doctor of Chiropractic

Together we have trained hundreds of students in the use of empty hands, weapons, and how to defend against both. 

We distill only the best of our 60-plus years of combined experience so that …

You DON'T have to train for decades like we did to learn how to defend yourself against a gun threat

Because we've already done the work for you.

With violent crime at record levels and spilling out into the suburbs and rural areas, you just don't have that kinda time to dedicate to learning how to deal with a firearm threat in a real-life situation. 

You need something that'll work quickly and RIGHT NOW. 

Will this program stop every gun threat in every situation? No, of course.  

We’re not going to lie to you and say it’s gunproof. 

NO method can stop every firearm every time, and any instructor who tells you otherwise is either lying to you, lying to themselves, or totally clueless.

But if you want an effective, no-BS approach to dealing with a handgun threat — one that’s based on physiology, decades of experience, and years of studying footage of real-life violence — this is the course for YOU. 

And, for a limited time, we're also throwing in $614 IN BONUSES for you!

When you order "Pistol Defense Course" today, you’ll get not 1, not 2, but 3 extra programs ... for FREE!

Bonus Program #1:

Lock and Load Your Most Important "Weapon"

The first bonus is “Firearms Defensive Mindset” — a course that focuses on how to hone your most important weapon — your mind — to be better prepared to face the barrel of a gun.

Because it doesn’t matter how fast or strong you are, how much training you’ve had, or what tool you’re carrying. If you’ve never trained your mind to respond to a gun threat, you’ll more likely choose the wrong response or, worse yet, freeze up completely.

Both of which could prove fatal. 

This extra program explains the hard facts — including key statistics — so you can prime your brain to act when the time is right.

This FREE bonus course will give you the following:

  • An overview of violence by the numbers: What percent of people out there are chronically violent (AKA repeat offenders)? The numbers may surprise you.

  • Danger! You see a firearm. What are the odds of you being hit by a bullet? Listen and find out.

  • What if you are hit by a bullet? What are your odds of survival? This fact may be the “mindset” difference between you giving up or staying in the fight.

  • Gun threats versus gun attacks: What’s the difference? This valuable gold nugget of knowledge might just save your life.

  • Active shooter? Why “run, hide, fight” might NOT be good enough. There are holes to this strategy, and we help fill the holes to increase your odds of survival by teaching you the Tiga Tactics P.R.O. method for active shooters. It works at long range and close range — perfect for anyone who wants just ONE effective plan that spans different threats.

  • Prevention IS the BEST medicine and here is the medicine — “Don’t break the laws of stupid.” What are those laws? Bonus: teach this to your kids and prevent a lot of heartache.

  • Situational awareness: Here is one time we want you to zone out and go to condition white. It’s OK. Relax — but also, here is when you need to turn on your radar.

  • “Show me the MONEY!” Sorry, this is definitely not a get rich-quick program, but knowing where money is exchanged when you go about your day can save your butt. How? Details inside.

  • The Four E’s — Here’s a simple way to pay attention when you are in a new location. Miss one “E” and it could be game over.

  • Tiga Tactics 3-Stage Defensive Mindset If you’re not law enforcement or military, we share a mindset that will alert you to a threat as well as the beautiful things in life. As a civilian, you should be aware of potential danger and at the same time learn to enjoy life. Military or L.E.? We got you covered, too.

Bonus Program #2:

Grab Hold of Your Fate

The second bonus course is the 16-part “Get a Grip” — which will teach you how to strengthen your grip and, thereby, enhance your chances of survival. 

After all, grip strength is essential to many aspects of self-defense.

For example, if you get a hold of the bad guy’s gun but aren’t strong enough to keep it, what good does the rest of your counterattack do for you?

Here are just some of the ways this FREE bonus program will help you:

  • Why do you need a powerful grip? A mighty grasp is a strong attribute that just might save your life. Here is how.

  • Firearms? Knives? Sticks? Even swords? You better have a strong grip or else your tool will be flying out of your hand — we reveal the nitty gritty of it all.

  • Judo, wrestling, or Jiu-Jitsu — does the grip matter? You better believe it does. Check out what a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and grappling gold medalist has to say about it all.

  • Power of the Pinkie! No, this isn’t the name of a punk rock band. That little pinkie finger is a powerful part of your grip when you use an edged weapon or a firearm. That’s why Yakuza gang members cut off another’s pinkie so that they lose their grip strength. Find out more here.

  • Libido lowdown: There are studies that associate a strong grip with better sex drive. OK, maybe not the best reason to have a strong grip…or is it?

  • No equipment? NO problem. We show you how to train your grip with or without equipment. Even the equipment training utilizes items you most likely already have. It’s like getting TWO programs in one.

  • Old-school Shaolin Kung Fu tiger claw strengthening: This method is basically lost in antiquity; good luck finding it anywhere. But we have it here for you with another THREE variations on how to do it.

  • Street-fighting secrets: We have a cousin who has been in well over 100 street fights (maybe a little less but probably a little more) share what he learned from all the fighting, and here is how he wins them. And yes, the grip is involved and here is why.

  • Bruce Lee-inspired grip strengthening: You don’t need to do these exercises one handed with just two fingers so do this instead… along with three more variations

  • We know you have some of these tools lying around…often you can get them for free! We share what they are and THREE ways to use them!

But that's not all! "Get a Grip" also shows you:

  • Weightlifting Sandbag? What the heck is that? We show you what it looks like and how it’s done.

  • Train Judo, BJJ, or Sambo — got a gi or martial arts top somewhere? Watch how we secretly warm up and strengthen our grip during class. Black belt level tip here folks!

  • Kung Fu Iron Palm bag? If you were a fan of Kung Fu Theater, you may have one. We know we do. Here is how to use it to strengthen your grip and turn it into eagle claw craziness that even Jackie Chan would say, “I don’t want none of that!”

  • Martial arts belt workout: If you have a martial arts belt lying around, we give you a crazy good workout you can do even while binging NetFlix (so you don’t feel so guilty – common, we know you feel guilty!)

  • That’s well over 30 exercises to improve your grip. Do one or do them all, it’s up to you. We guarantee you have not seen them all.

  • BONUS: Active Recovery and Functional Movement Exercises — to give you a complete overview, watch how a doctor of chiropractic and 50-plus-year-old athlete keeps his wrist, forearms, and elbows in good shape. It’s an added bonus we share that other companies cannot because they simply do not know how.

  • Functional wrist movements: Not only will these three stretches keep your joints lubricated, it will teach you the nuances of joint locks. Talk about BOGO!

  • Double your pleasure! How to stretch both your wrist/forearms AND your knees. Say what? Just watch and you will see.

  • Foam roller technology: Learn the latest foam rolling techniques from modern sports medicine. This is rarely seen outside of elite sports teams and state-of-the-art clinics. Use these methods to break up the knots in your forearms and wrist when nothing else is working. We reveal how it’s done.

  • WARNING: As with any exercise program, consult a licensed health care provider before undertaking any program.

Bonus Program #3:

Sharpen your empty-hand weapons

Remember, the gun is just a tool. YOU are the weapon. 

You should be dangerous whether you’ve taken the bad guy’s pistol or not. Especially considering that, as civilians, most of us will NOT have our own firearm in hand when we’re attacked.  

(I mean, nobody goes about their day walking around while holding a handgun — unless they want to be shot by the police!) 

In an urban ambush, you’ll be behind the curve

So, you’ll most likely have to deal with a gun threat with your bare hands first before transitioning to your own weapon — if you have one. 

That’s why you’ll also receive a THIRD bonus course, “Toolbox 1.0.”

This 10-part program breaks down our four primary empty-hand strikes.

This BONUS program packs quite the punch, including:


  • The 4 Most Effective Empty-Hand Strikes: Whether you're a 100-pound beginner or a martial arts master, these 3 strikes and 1 technique will help you stop almost any violent thug.

  • Realistic Training: We bust martial arts myths and street-fight fallacies to give you techniques that WILL work on the streets. No fancy spin kicks or overly complicated wrist locks. Just simple, direct, and powerful moves.

  • Progressive Training: You can't go from zero to hero in one or two sessions. We show you how to start slowly and lightly, allowing you to perfect each technique, before amping up the speed, intensity, and complexity — strike by strike, step by step.

  • A Comprehensive Curriculum: Unlike most instructors who teach various techniques in a random order, we give you a specific regimen to follow that provides the most logical progression for building speed, power, and deadliness.

  • Drillers are Killers: Using a combination of solo drills, focus mitts, Thai pads, and a heavy bag, we give an almost endless list of drills you can use to perfect your striking, whether alone or with a trusted training partner.

  • Fit to Fight: If you follow our training regimen, you will not only learn how to put down almost any violent attacker, you'll also get a fantastic workout by burning a ton of calories and building your endurance.

  • Low Investment, High Yield: Due to the modular nature of our course, you can practice different sections of the "Toolbox" for just 15 minutes a day and still see significant benefits in speed, power, and endurance.

Whew! That’s a lot of FREE bonus materials

To summarize, if you order the 76-part “Pistol Defense Course” today, you’ll not only get the most practical and effective gun-defensive program available, you’ll also receive these EXTRA courses for free (along with some other goodies):


  • “Firearms Defensive Mindset” Course ($50 value): This bonus will not only prime your brain but also inoculate your body to the physiological stress of gun violence. Learn how to keep cool and stay sharp under duress.


  • “Get a Grip” Course ($100 value): A powerful grip is a strong attribute that could very well save your life. After all, if you can’t restrain a bad guy or his weapon, or retain your own, how do you hope to fight back? This 16-part program will show you how to strengthen your grasp to enhance your self-defense skills.


  • “Toolbox 1.0” Course ($250 value): This additional 10-part program focuses on how to sharpen the four most street-effective empty-hand strikes you'll ever need to end a fight quickly.


  • $100 Gift Certificate to a Tiga Tactics Seminar: To make things easier for you to learn from us LIVE, we’re throwing in a $100 gift certificate to any Tiga Tactics in-person seminar of your choice! That way, if we happen to be in your area at the right time, you can train with us for a lot less cash than what a seminar ticket usually costs.


  • Membership to Our Private Facebook Group ($97 value): Team Tiga Tactics is a Facebook group for our students, alumni, instructors, and trusted allies — a private group you can join only by invitation. This allows you to interact with us daily without prying eyes, to get insider content shown before the public sees it (or not at all), and to receive exclusive discounts for future courses, products, and training. Enroll today and you'll be invited into this exclusive club.


  • Quick-Start Guide ($17 value): This is a huge training bundle with tons of info and drills, so you might be overwhelmed at first. This guide helps you get off on the right foot so you can excel in your practice.


  • Official Certification (value: priceless): Once you’ve gone through the entire course, you will be awarded with a Tiga Tactics Recognition of Training certificate. It's official proof that you've put in the work to reach a higher level of personal-protection competency.

That’s $614 in bonus materials all for FREE if you order now

When bundled with all of the above bonuses, the total value of this "Pistol Defense Course" training package would be $943.

But for a limited time only …

We're offering the "Pistol Defense Course" 
and all of its bonuses for ONLY $297!

I’m sure we can both agree that your life and the life of your loved ones is worth much more than this investment of $297.

But, in case you still have any doubts, just read what a U.S. Army Green Beret said about Tiga Tactics Combatives:

"Over the last two decades training for all ranges of combat in the military and the civilian martial arts worlds, I have not found a more practical and effective system. 

"I not only took their full suite of online courses but have also attended multiple seminars to refine my techniques. 

"Their system makes great material for seasoned instructors looking to share a combatives program to their students or for beginners simply looking to improve personal protection.

"I highly recommend Tiga Tactics courses."

Evan Perperis
     U.S. Army Special Forces soldier
     Obstacle Course Racing champion

Of course, you don’t have to be a Green Beret to appreciate the “Pistol Defense Course.”

Anyone — from soccer moms to SWAT officers — can benefit from our effective, no-BS approach to dealing with a handgun threat.

The bottom line is, you owe it to yourself and your family to have the knowledge, skills, and training you'll get from our home study course. 

Give yourself an edge against rising violent crime

Get this 76-part program and all of its bonuses worth $943 now for only $297

Our Ironclad Guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied with this massive training bundle. 

So, buy the course.

Watch all 105 videos across 4 programs (that’s more than 5 hours’ worth of content!) ...

Study the techniques at home.

Practice all of the drills by yourself and/or with a friend. 

If, at that point, "Pistol Defense Course" and its 3 bonus programs don’t make you feel safer …

Then write to me, tell me why you're not satisfied, and we’ll refund every cent you’ve paid us today.

That's how confident we are that you'll value this life-saving course.

So, there’s no risk to you at all. You’re either 100% satisfied or you’ll get your money back.

That's peace of mind on multiple fronts. 

So, let's get to training! And remember to ...

Stay Alert, Stay Humble, Stay Kind,

Patrick Vuong
Tiga Tactics


P.S. — Just to summarize, we have an online course that a U.S. Army Green Beret highly recommends.

On top of that, if you order today, you’ll get $614 dollars in bonuses for free to help you train up faster!

Oh, and all of this is backed by our money-back guarantee.


P.P.S. — But don't delay! This is a limited-time offer, and we don't know how long before the price goes back up.

Give Yourself the Gift of Self-Protection

Get the "Pistol Defense Course" and its 3 bonus programs (a total value of $943) for only $297

What People Are Saying

Paulo "GN" Rubio

Knife Instructor
Content Creator
Founder of Funker Tactical

“Unsolicited endorsement: I REALLY like Conrad and Patrick. They’re too friendly, kind, logical, intelligent, and honest for their own good in an industry that seemingly places more value in dishonest certainty, imagery, bravado, and fraudulent claims of legitimacy."

"These two people are worth your time, money, and effort to seek and learn from.”

Matthew Baker

Firearms Instructor
— Los Angeles —

"The content was presented in a universal way that was accessible and beneficial to all skill levels. I loved the concept and approach to empty-hand combatives in a weapons-based environment, utilizing moves that have a high probability of success under stress and a low probability of injury."

Black Belt Magazine

"At Black Belt Magazine, we've been keeping an eye on Tiga Tactics for awhile now. Why? They keep bringing us the 'state-of-the-art' in self-defense and combatives programs."

Steven Barlow

Former State Trooper and Firearms Instructor
— New York —

"I can say that the skills taught here were very much in line with my experiences as a police officer."

Evan Perperis

U.S. Army Green Beret &
Obstacle Course Racing champion

"Over the last two decades training for all ranges of combat in the military and the civilian martial arts worlds, I have not found a more practical and effective system."

Give yourself an edge against rising violent crime

Learn how to defend yourself and your family against a gun threat


Questions & Answers About Tiga Tactics Combatives


    There are many, many good combatives instructors out there, and everyone has their own approach. We understand we are not law enforcement nor military contractors, but we believe this makes us more accessible and relatable to the average person. We are also not macho or tough guys.

    In fact, we are nerds and honor students with college degrees (one of us even has a doctorate degree) who love martial arts and love to see people gain confidence and fitness while learning to protect themselves and their loved ones.

    In choosing who to learn from, check their background. What is our background? Read below. We are confident you will be hard pressed to find a whole cadre of teachers with the following experience, let alone just two:

    Dr. Conrad Bui
    • 5th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and American Freestyle Karate
    • Instructor/Coach in Muay Thai
    • Guro (Full Instructor) in Nubreed Kali
    • Guru (Full Instructor) in Pentjak Silat Serak
    • Sigung (Master Level) in Kuntao Silat deThouars
    • Sigung (Master Level) in Ying Lung Hsing
    • Sifu (Full Instructor) in Jeet Kune Do Concepts
    • Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    • Former bar bouncer
    • Published writer/photographer in Black Belt Magazine, Recoil Magazine, and Recoil Offgrid Magazine
    • Doctor of Chiropractic

    Patrick Vuong
    • 2nd Degree Black Belt in Lai Chung Chuan Fa
    • 1st Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate
    • Authorized Instructor in Pekiti-Tirsia Kali
    • Instructor of Aegis Personal Protection Systems’ Women's Self-Defense since 2008
    • Founder and Head Instructor of the CSUF Martial Arts Fitness Class
    • Current student of Pentjak Silat Serak, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    • Editor and published writer/photographer in Black Belt Magazine, Recoil Magazine, Recoil Offgrid Magazine, Breach Bang Clear, and Survival Dispatch Magazine.
    • Tactical firearms training under various elite instructors, including law enforcement and former members of the U.S. Special Operations Forces


    Tiga Tactics Combatives pulls the very best from ancient arts as well as modern day research and training. Nothing new with that, but many teachers (past and present) trained in only one or two systems and then dabbled (or even just watched videos and read books) in other systems, extracting what they “thought” was useful from those arts.

    We think it is irresponsible to just dabble in a system (any system) and believe to have enough knowledge to extract what is “believed” to be functional.

    It would be like a white belt teaching you what is effective in that particular system, yet that is what many teachers have done — they may excel at one or two systems, dabbled in five others and profess to tell you what is legit in their “dabbled” arts.

    We spent not just years, but decades of training in each of our arts — distilling just the most effective concepts to create Tiga Tactics Combatives. When we say we took a certain technique or training method from an art, you can be certain that the technique or training method was thoroughly researched to black belt level and in certain arts, to master levels.

    We did it all; we trained, we competed, we ranked up, we mastered, we bounced, and we researched street violence to bring you Tiga Tactics Combatives.

    Here are the sources for Tiga Tactic’s Combatives curriculum and what we extracted, filtered, and refined to bring to you something that is new, unique, and totally Tiga Tactics:

    Tae Kwon Do/ American Free-Style Karate/ Point Sparring:
    • The concept of hitting-without-getting-hit from point sparring.
    • A fight is a physical activity; be fit if you want to fight.

    Jeet Kune Do Concepts:
    • “Using no style as style” — we consider ourselves martial artists without borders.
    • Pressure test — like Bruce Lee said, “If you want to learn to swim, jump into the water.”
    • Constant learning and unlearning — We started with a mountain of martial arts experience (where as some started with a mole hill) and CUT out so much fluff that Tiga Tactics Combatives drew blood.
    • Being an “open-minded skeptic” allowed us to see things more clearly and honestly.
    • Research — martial arts is a science and therefore can be studied as such with hypothesis, labs, and (perhaps most importantly) tests.

    Nubreed Kali
    • Stick — attack and defense concepts and techniques
    • Knife — attack and defense concepts and techniques

    Pentjak Silat Serak
    • Fights happen in close range
    • Triangle principles — for awareness, footwork, combat tactics, and techniques
    • Elbow strikes
    • Flinch response shown in the forms

    Kuntao Silat de Thouars
    • Solid base — from old-school Kung Fu training or you may end up on your ass
    • Explosiveness — power striking is what gets the job done
    • Constant training and physical development are a necessity, especially if you want to keep your tools sharp and age well

    Ying Lung Hsing (made up of Tai Chi, Ba Gua, and Hsing Yi):
    • Tai Chi principle of “Go slow to go fast” — as they say in the military, “slow is smooth and smooth is FAST.”
    • Slow training for warm-up and proper body mechanics
    • Put the entire body into each strike — engage the core and use inertia
    • “Fighting requires speed but first the internal demands slowness. Violence requires power, but first the internal requires softness.”

    Thai Boxing:
    • Train both attack and defense
    • The Helmet — covering your head and keeping your eyes open and strong
    • Drilling in a safe and realistic way develops pattern recognition, timing, distancing, and targeting
    • Elbows and knees — thrusting the hips to generate power
    • Clinching — controlling, sensitivity, and drills
    • Progressive drilling
    • Majority of training and sparring is done safely and with control; technical sparring can still make you deadly
    • Your attacker is not going to just stand there; deal with their counter attacks and put that into your drills
    • Live training to pressure test your techniques
    • Focus mitt — targeting and contact
    • Thai pads — some targeting and more contact
    • Kicking shield — minor targeting and major contact
    • Body Opponent Bag — targeting and FULL contacting
    • Heavy bag — little targeting and FULL contact
    • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Submission Grappling
    • Stay all the way out or all the way in
    • Figure out their attack and have a logical way to deal with it
    • Position before submission — get to a safe location before unloading your offense (our P.R.O.tect System)
    • Live training to test your techniques and tactics
    • Use technique and leverage, not brute strength
    • There is always a way out no matter what position or submission you find yourself in.

    Online Videos: Studied the most common attacks on the street
    • Suckerpunch, knife stabbing, club attacks and firearms
    • Untrained attackers have a predictable way of attacking not commonly taught in the dojo or gym.
    • The skill of an average attacker is similar to that of a middle school student, because most people do not train or even think about violence.
    • Attackers do not just stop and give up after one counterattack — in other words, they keep on coming in a predictable manner.
    • Attacks are often fast, violent, and in close range

    • Weakness of the human anatomy
    • Strengths of the human anatomy
    • Biomechanics and physiology

    Night Club Security / Bouncer
    • Situational awareness
    • Verbal de-escalation
    • Multiple attacker tactics

    Aegis Personal Protection Systems Women’s Self-Defense
    • Three Pillars of Personal Protection: knowledge, tactics, and training
    • Personal safety starts first with smart lifestyle choices

    Pekiti-Tirsia Kali
    • Edged weapon combatives
    • Slash to thrust and thrust to slash
    • Slashes maim, thrusts kill
    • Stick combatives
    • The universal applications can be used with a pen, flashlight, etc.
    • Pangamut — Knife techniques can translate to empty-hand strikes
    • Triangle footwork — moving to engage and disengage

    Lai Chung Chuan Fa
    • Southern Shaolin Kung Fu stance work — deep stable stances and assured footing
    • Dirty fighting — groin shots and eye gouges
    • Traditional weapons like spear, Kwan Do, Butterfly Swords — can be applied to broom strike, cane, and other modern-day objects

    Kenpo Karate
    • Toughen the body — develop discipline, fitness, endurance, and the ability to endure pain
    • Point sparring, semi-contact sparring, and full-contact sparring — Take the “swimming lessons on dry land” and put them to the test in shallow water, the deep end, and the ocean

    Tactical Firearms Training
    • High-Risk Dignitary Protection training — understanding how ambushes happen and how to prevent and stop them
    • Pressure testing physiological responses to fear using physical conditioning and force-on-force training
    • Handgun fundamentals and advanced tactics
    • AR-15 fundamentals and advanced tactics


    Despite our decades of martial arts research and thousands of dollars spent on training, we still felt insecure when it came to street violence. That was frustrating to say the least.

    Sure, we could win trophies by kicking someone in the head and we could earn medals by slapping on a submission during an intense Jiu-Jitsu match, but we were still insecure about an actual STREET encounter.

    We were honest with ourselves and did not ignore the insecurity and frustrations like many teachers do. How do we know? Because we used to be those teachers who thought all was good with our training. We would think the system we trained in had all the answers.

    If that one did not, it was on to the next and the next and the next. We spent our entire life searching for the answers to surviving a violent encounter. Some systems were known as bladed systems, yet we felt insecure about an actual knife attack on the streets. Some systems were known for their footwork and dealing with multiple attackers and yet we felt the uncertainty of dealing with even one attacker. This HONESTY with ourselves, led us to going back to the drawing board.

    We first had to figure out how an attack on the street REALLY went down and — big hint — it does not happen like you train it in class, in the dojo, or in the gym. We spent hours researching surveillance footage and figured the four most common attacks were committed by a knife (or edged weapon), a club (or impact weapon), a punch, or a firearm. Each of those attacks were carefully researched, and we stumbled upon the fact that untrained humans had a tendency to attack in very specific ways regardless where they lived — be it in Europe or Uganda, Baltimore or Bangkok.

    Through our research, we discovered that attacks did not happen like the old masters and modern-day teachers THOUGHT it did because they simply did not have the means or access to the hours of surveillance footage. In many instances the attacks found in dojos and other combatives courses are WAY off.

    If you train the wrong attacks, you come up with the wrong solutions.

    It was back to the drawing board once we isolated the most common type of attacks. Our next step was to comb through all the arts we learned and were certified to teach (not just dabbled in) and figure out the most direct and effective solutions against these common attacks with a cooperative partner. And, finally, we had to figure out a training methodology that would allow a student to progress logically all the while maintain a level of realism that would match the street violence we had seen.

    You see, in many other classes, courses, and seminars, the teacher shows a technique once or twice. Then you might do it in the air a few times. And finally, you might do it slowly with a partner. Then suddenly they have you jump right into full force-on-force or full-contact training, and the student inevitably LOSES. We did not want that from our students, we want success, not failure. So once again we combed through and filtered the best training methods of our arts (over a DOZEN!) and discovered a logical training progression that used the most effective methods of ancient masters of China to modern-day Mixed Martial Arts.

    Because of our unique perspective, unmatched background, thorough research and MOSTLY our insecurities, there is NOTHING like the Tiga Tactics Combatives curriculum when it comes to increasing your odds of surviving a violent encounter. Our training is safe, logical, progressive, (dare we say) fun, and most of all effective.


    YES of course you have to train! Even we have to continuously train to keep our skills sharp. We would be LYING to you if we said all you have to do is watch our program and by some act of the divine, the muscle memory and knowledge is uploaded into your body, like in The Matrix … “Whoa, I know Kung Fu.”

    You will have to train and (luckily) by training you will:
    Get fit: Yes, you will work up a sweat
    • Gain the correct muscle memory to improve your odds of surviving violence
    • Improve your confidence
    • Create stronger bonds with those you train with

    That being said, once you finish our curriculum we recommend that you spend at least 30 minutes a week reviewing the material or you will simply not have the skills to use when the need arises.


    Our past participants have included soccer moms with no martial arts training or an aggressive bone inside them. After going through our course, it was difficult to distinguish them from more experienced martial artists.

    Our program has been scientifically designed to take you by the hand, start you working on the simple basics and progress you in a relaxing and fun manner. If you know your right hand from your left, you will be able to complete our course and improve your odds of surviving a violent encounter.


    That will make this course even easier for you, as you will be familiar with many of the SIMPLE techniques we use. Look, we are never going to criticize training in ANY martial arts because any self-defense training beats sitting on the couch watching reruns of The Simpsons (although The Simpsons is a fun alternative, it will not make you fit or more coordinated to survive a violent encounter). From our research there is NO perfect martial arts and no perfect technique.

    Worse, we discovered the majority of martial arts (yes, even Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, and Muay Thai) were training street defense all wrong because their founders did not have access to video footage of live attacks to perform a scientific study. Beyond that, many of these systems did not want to cooperate and share the best of their training methods with each other (if something like that even actually happened).

    Well, we did the research (and like SCIENCE, if you watched the same footage and performed the same study, you would come up with the same conclusions), we dug through all our systems (mind you we have obtained instructor and master instructor rankings in all the systems we represent) and we pressure tested the techniques. Next, we had to come up with a logical progression of training to make our students SUCCESSFUL. Did you notice that BJJ, Muay Thai, and MMA fighters are so badass? It is NOT the style but the intelligent training these athletes are subjected to. Don’t worry, you don’t have to train that hard to be successful with our program, but we will not discourage you if you feel like going balls-to-the-walls in your training either.

    Lastly, you never have to stop any art you are doing, and we encourage you to continue training in whatever art you love. Tiga Tactics Combatives can be a standalone system and, at the same time, it can be used as a supplemental program within any style.


    Not at all. The only requirement will be to have four working limbs. In fact, our program uses only gross motor movements (the kind of movement that is BEST for defending your life), making this program very EASY to learn.

    Also, the training is progressive so that, as you build the skills, you are also building the muscle memory, the strength, and the endurance necessary to protect yourself.


    We recommend everyone get the OK from their licensed healthcare provider before starting any type of physical activity.


    There is no doubt that size does matter, but make no mistake, with the Tiga Tactics Combatives program even the smallest individual can be dangerous. We will teach you how to weaponize EVERY single pound you possess. With Tiga Tactics Combatives, knowing what to do, how to do it, and when to do it is MANY times more important than shear mass.

    Our Chief Training Officer, Dr. Conrad Bui, competes in the featherweight division yet he can (and has) put down guys twice his size.

FAQ Part 2

More Answers to the Most Common Questions


    No, because you are going to get what you pay for.

    First off, few people or even groups of people possess our background and our knowledge. This may sound like we are bragging but remember, it is not bragging if it is TRUE. Not only is the credibility of many of these teachers on YouTube questionable, many of them are simply regurgitating what is floating around out there already.

    Why else do you think they are showing it for free? And, really, do you want to trust your life to the AMATEURS giving out freebies?


    Like we said, you get what you pay for. Here is what you are paying for:

    Professionally Produced: We love to learn, and we have personally bought many of these types of courses! In fact, we may have the same courses you do. We have seen the low production values like filming in the alley where you could barely hear what the teacher was saying. We took it to the studio where we controlled the lighting, the angles and the sound. We show techniques from multiple angles on a plain background so nothing distracts you from learning what you need to. We slowed it down in certain shots. We placed graphics on the screen as markers to emphasis important details. Damn, we feel we deserve an Oscar for what we did but that is NOT all…

    The Logical Technique: The majority of the training out there is old regurgitated stuff from the ‘70s and ‘80s — Kenpo, Kung Fu, Aikido, or what have you — in disguise by teachers wearing military outfits and camo. Even modern approaches like Krav Maga and Jeet Kune Do are outdated today. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE martial arts. We still train and teach martial arts everyday … but the truth is the old masters never had the advantage of YouTube, surveillance footage, and FBI crime statistics to do their research. Without the data, these masters and teachers could only go off of their own experiences or what was passed down to them from their teacher’s own limited experience.

    As stated before, we spent COUNTLESS HOURS researching live footage of attacks just to figure out how people ambush you on the street, and it was an eye-opener despite our decades of martial arts and combatives training. Once we isolated methods used on the street, we next combed through over 12 different systems that we have instructor rankings in and sifted through literally hundreds (yes HUNDREDS) of techniques acquired over the years.

    Please above for the systems we are certified to teach and the techniques/concepts used to bring Tiga Tactics Combatives to fruition. Although this sounds OUTRAGEOUS (and it IS outrageous considering how many hours of our lives were spent putting together something logical, effective, new and totally unique), the techniques used in Tiga Tactics Combatives are quite SIMPLE.

    And it should be simple because on the street, you will only have control of your gross motor skills.

    Training Progression: The training progression used in your Tiga Tactics Combatives program is meant to BURN the technique into your muscle memory so it will be there for you when “the sh!t hits the fan.” We start out slowly using Tai Chi-like movements to warm you up and allow you to work on the details. From there we progress in a scientific, step-by-step process to working with a partner and eventually going all out with different equipment. By the time you finish our training, you will have a complete workout and self-defense program you can use for the rest of your life, not only to keep fit but to keep yourself and those you love safe.

    Ongoing Support: That’s correct, once you purchase our course, we consider you a part of the Tiga Tactics family and we LOVE family. We have set up a private Facebook group called Team Tiga Tactics. It’s an exclusive place for Tiga Tactics instructors, alumni, and VIPs to ask questions about your training or about self-defense in general. Remember, we are nerds and Average Joes just like you. We are NOT just going to leave you hanging — we want you train, we want you to succeed, we want you to be able to defend yourself and those you love. We’ll be there to give you support, answer your questions and hopefully we can meet you face-to-face at a live seminar one day.


    We encourage you to train with a partner or loved one. Please share away. We only ask that you do NOT make copies of our program to give out to others (or provide your password for our online courses), as this would be the same as stealing. We have spent countless hours training, researching footage, putting the Tiga Tactics program together in a logical and progressive way, filming, editing the footage and getting it to you; we trust you will do the right thing with our efforts.

    If you are a school owner and want to teach this at your school, we would be happy to assist you with our Instructors Training Program once you finish the basic 1.0 courses. Please contact us for more information on how to become a Certified Tiga Tactics Combatives Instructor and implement it into your school in a professional manner.


    Absolutely! We stand behind EVERY inch and every minute of our product. If are you are not happy with our work and our support, we will REFUND your money (minus any shipping and handling fees) after we have received the physical bonus materials back. NO questions asked, and we will still part as friends! We are that confident in how much you are going to keep, use, and appreciate this program.

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