"If You HATE to Grapple, You Are Going to LOVE This.”

Hello, Tiga Tactics family,

This is Dr. Conrad Bui and, as you might have already seen, I'm known on social media as the M.A.N. (Martial Arts Nerd). There are two reasons for this.

First, I don’t want you to think that I am some tough guy ...

... although I did run security as a bar bouncer back in college and have defeated competitors weighing 50 pounds more than I did in the brown belt and open weight divisions of a national Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament.

“Nope, I am not a tough guy, but a nerd with a doctorate degree in chiropractic.”


The second reason is that I love ALL martial arts. I literally “nerd out" when someone is teaching me something I have not seen before.

You see, I am a lifelong martial artist and I love to learn and train … and I have been doing it for over 40 years now.

Then suddenly in the 1990s (November of ’93 to be exact), along came the first UFC, the Gracies, and BJJ!

Mind you, in the ‘90s, I was already an accomplished martial artist having earned a fifth-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and American Freestyle Karate. I was also an instructor (guru) in Silat, (sifu) in Kuntao, and in Kung fu (ba gua zhang).

I also had the “street cred” since I was a bar bouncer for several years.  

So, before that first UFC, I thought all that “wrasslin” stuff was for wussies in tights. Back in the day, this was my thinking…


“Hell, I’ll just knock them out before they take me to the ground.”


But that all changed with the first UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) when Royce Gracie submitted everyone to win. I thought maybe he got lucky. But then he turned around and did it again at UFC 2 … and again at UFC 4. 

And you know what? Plenty of big tough guys said, “I will just knock him out if he tries to take me down.” 

NONE of them did, even though they tried like hell to beat him unconscious. 

Royce Gracie (on the bottom) uses Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to defeat wrestler Ken Shamrock at UFC 1.

So, I thought, “if you can’t beat them, join them.” And that is exactly what this NERD did when I put on a brand spanking new white belt and joined my first BJJ class back in 2008. Even though I jumped in with both feet …

“I Always Looked at the Grappling Arts from a Street Fighter’s Point of View.”

My goal was to learn the intricacies of grappling and be able to extract the simple and effective techniques that will work on the street. In the process I have had my ups (such as winning multiple gold medals at major BJJ tournaments, and eventually earning the coveted BJJ black belt from a credentialed, world-class BJJ champion and Bellator MMA fighter, Diego Herzog) …

… and I have had my downs (spent years in the gym, invested thousands of dollars in lessons, dislocated fingers, suffered shoulder, back and neck injuries, and had a blown meniscus in my right knee). But regardless…

“Mission Accomplished!”

Dr. Conrad Bui competing as a black belt in a national BJJ tournament.

After my trial by fire and the 10-plus years it took to earn my black belt, I can honestly say that you do NOT need to spend over a decade training in BJJ, invest thousands of dollars, and suffering painful injuries — though I do not regret any of this, mind you, and would easily do it again if I had to — to be effective in a street fight. 


“You Only Need 10% to be Effective!”


But what 10%? That’s where our second “Antigrappling” online course fills the void. I have stripped down over a decade of BJJ training to bring you the meat-and-potatoes, the nuts and bolts of street grappling. 

Welcome, my friends, to ...

"Antigrappling II: Ground Battle"

"Antigrappling Part I" was devoted to helping you stay on your feet (so you can stay mobile and run if necessary). Even as a BJJ black belt, the last place I want to be in a violent street fight is on the ground (even if I had a dominant position).

But even with these skills, you just never know, you may end up rolling on the pavement. You may have been taken down by surprise, tripped over a chair, or stumbled on a curb. So …

In this program, we take a DEEP dive into how to survive when you are on the floor, in the worst positions (like on your back).

But do NOT mistake this for another BJJ escapes video. In this new program we show you the practical 10% of Jiu-Jitsu to help you survive in the crappiest situations. It’s like …


14 years of BJJ knowledge handed to you on a silver platter.

Here is a small glimpse of what you will learn in this new program:

  • Tiga Tactics 3-stage mindset on how to avoid fights in the first place. I have not been in a fight since middle school because of the proper mindset that keeps me out of trouble. Make sure to share this with those you love.

  • Even if you are a grappler, we do NOT recommend the ground fight. We tell you why you want to avoid it like an egg salad gone bad.

  • The Guard in Grappling? What is it? Hint: it is similar to keeping your guard up in boxing or Muay Thai. Say what?

  • Use this when you are on your back and you will drastically increase your odds of ground survival. Forget the de la Riva guard, spider guard and berimbolos (if you grapple, you know what we’re talking about) and use this easy and effective guard … the Battle Guard.

  • What happens when you do not. keep your feet between you and your attacker? Not a big surprise — you are behind the eight ball.

  • How to train with your partner so that they will. keep coming back. Yes, this is something you will want to know (especially if you train with family).

  • Drill - Smart Striking: Don’t just flail your legs around like an eggbeater; know the 3 targets to strike when you are on your back. Yes, just 3 targets to keep it super easy and super effective. Pinpoint targeting and distancing attributes are what we are developing here.

  • Drill - Focus Mitts: Target the three high value targets. Add a little “umph” to your defense and at the same time, continue to work on hitting high value targets.

  • Drill - Kicking Shield: Got one of them lying around? This drill will strengthen your core, glutes, and legs (allowing you to throw more effective strikes off your back) and at the same time, you will help condition your partner.

  • Battle Guard Retention: It doesn’t take long for an attacker to know that they want to get past your feet to avoid your kicks. Heck, there are a lot of people who have taken BJJ nowadays and know from the onset that they need to “pass your guard.” Well, we are not going to let you lose your weapons and show you 3 ways to get your legs back in play.

If that's still not enough for you, this online course also comes jammed packed with the following:

  • Rocking Chair Guard Retention? No, we are not going to turn you into your grandma but, damn, she will be proud of how you are able to keep your feet between you and your attacker using this effective technique.

  • Your head needs to be in this position; or you may end up getting it stomped or having your noggin bouncing off the concrete.

  • What to do with your hands when an attacker is hovering over you so that you don’t eat boot leather.

  • No partner? No problem! We show you how to use your “mind’s eye” and visualize a partner. Also, this is an incredible mindfulness training tool to boot. Buddhist concentration, anyone?

  • Six-pack abs? We are not going to guarantee this program will “melt fat like a torch” but, holy smokes, you will feel it. Amazing workout AND … and personal protection training, too? Talk about double dipping.

  • Drills for skills! We share plenty of drills to develop attributes of timing, targeting, distancing, flow, and power. Yes, you will learn the technique, but you will OWN the technique when you drill it. Remember, drillers are killers!

  • Oh dear! The attacker is closer now and about to pass your “kicks of death.” No time to do the Rocking Chair Guard Retention — it’s the Outside Leg Recovery technique to the rescue. We show you step-by-step how to perform this simple recovery that black belts use in competition. Bonus: it works just as well on the streets.

  • Details make the difference! Don’t learn from a wannabe grappler. We give details that only a BJJ black belt can share. Skip one simple detail and your attacker can land on top of you, chest to chest with a “thud.”

  • More drills! Once you have the details down, you need to drill it to become street effective. Sure, you can work the techniques on a static partner to learn the details and mechanics, but eventually you want to drill each technique to burn it into your muscle memory. We share more the progressive drills that are the hallmark of “modern training.”

  • The laziest way to maintain your guard. So lazy, we call it “Hitching a Ride.” Take the easy way out and let your partner keep your Battle Guard in place.

But wait — no joke — there's still MORE in store for you after you enroll in our home study course:

  • Modern training with empty hands, focus mitts, kicking shields, head gear with face cage, and boxing gloves — lets go! If your training doesn’t include the spectrum of “modern day” training equipment, guess what? You are missing out. We show you how to integrate the equipment at every stage of your training, making you fit and dangerous at the same time.

  • Closed guard? Thinking of doing BJJ 101 by locking your ankles together with the attacker inside your legs? DON’T do it on the streets. We tell you why! Do this little “magic trick” instead and get back to the Battle Guard ready to fire your cannons (kicks) into the attacker’s face and groin.

  • Crap! The attacker has gotten past your legs and laying on you, chest to chest in “side control.” Learn how to get back into the Battle Guard in 3 easy steps and resume those devastating donkey kicks that will allow you to get back to your feet.

  • Crazy attacker on top of you? Use this easy, dumb technique and escape faster than Harry Houdini.

  • Wet blanket drill — what the hell? We promise this drill will take you into “warp drive” in developing your side control escapes.

  • Underhook Escape from Side Control: we give you a second escape from side control so that you can have options. You always want to train at least two escapes from bad positions, so that you can chain them together. This may be the easiest way to get off your back. Check it out.

  • Three is the Key. We break down the moves to three steps. Even what appears to be complicated, can be broken down into movements of three. Any more and you will not remember. Let us break it down to easy-to-digest moves for you.

This science-based combatives program is for people who HATE to grapple.

You will receive a total of 37 videos (yes, thirty-seven!) with exclusive material on how to survive the ground battle where it matters — on the streets where there are NO belts, NO medals, and NO referee.  

If you were to take private lessons from me, you can expect to pay $200 an hour. (That is IF I have the time, because pretty much all of our private student training sessions are fully booked.) 

Not only that, you would have to fly up my co-founder Patrick Vuong to round out the knowledge.

Getting us to teach you privately together would cost you $400 an hour!

Well, with the soaring price of fuel and skyrocketing inflation, we are not going to make you travel. Also, we want to introduce Tiga Tactics Combatives to as many people as possible. We are so confident that when you see the quality of our instruction, you will continue to want to associate with us…

So, we decided to reduce the price to $150.

And you know what? That would still be a good deal, but then we thought, “there are good people out there who need to defend themselves and may not be able to afford this.”

So, we cut it down again to only $57.

And now for a very LIMITED time…. 

We’re offering the entire course to alumni like you for ONLY $57!


For the cost of a dinner for two, you get it all.

But we are offering this special price to alumni like you for only a limited time.

On top of this, we're giving you 3 FREE bonuses:

  • FREE Bonus #1: "Personal Protection Pocketbook" — A huge part of staying alive is staying alert. This 28-page ebook by Tiga Tactics will give you not only ways to improve your situational awareness but also a breakdown of the 3 pillars of personal protection to incorporate into your everyday life. That way you stay ready no matter what SHTF (s#!t hits the fan) scenario might occur. (Value: $50)

  • FREE Bonus #2: Excess into our exclusive Tiga Tactics Facebook group — You will be amazed at the people actively participating in this private group; like-minded individuals who discuss personal protection in a supportive and positive ways. No trolls here. (Value: $97)

  • FREE Bonus #3: Unlimited email support — Have a question? Something not clear? Simply email us and we will answer your question personally. We will not leave you hanging. (Value: Priceless)

This mean that you will not only get the $150 “Antigrappling II: Ground Battle”™ course with 37 videos, but you’ll also receive three free bonuses. 

That’s a total value of $297 … for ONLY $57!

But, in case you still have any doubts, just read what one of my BJJ mentors, Professor Marcel Fortuna (a BJJ black belt world champion and former UFC fighter) had to say: 

"Earning a black belt in BJJ is a long and difficult road. It’s full of frustration, disappointments, and injuries. That’s why so many people quit. But it’s also one of the best investments you can make.

"Conrad has taken this long road and is a professor I will recommend.  If you want the technical ground-fighting knowledge, hit him up."

— Professor Marcel Fortuna
     4th-Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
     BJJ Black Belt World Champion
     Former UFC Heavyweight Fighter


Even if you plan to never step foot onto a Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, or wrestling mat, you owe it to yourself and your family to have effective grappling skills so that you aren't stomped on or ground-and-pounded.

The grappling mindset and skillsets you'll get from our “Antigrappling”™ program can help you get home in one piece

And no doubt your loved ones will agree that a small investment of $57 is nothing compared to your personal safety.

Ironclad Moneyback Guarantee

Don’t like what you see? We’ll refund every penny. 

NO questions asked. 

That is how confident we are in knowing that you will LOVE the program and find it a valuable addition to your self-defense training.

Your Friend,

Dr. Conrad Bui
Tiga Tactics co-founder


P.S. — Our new “Antigrappling II: Ground Battle”™  course is for non-grapplers who want to survive a ground fight. For only $57, you receive all 37 videos and 3 free bonuses.


P.P.S. — This price is available to ONLY alumni like you ... but for a limited time. So, click the red button below!


What People Are Saying About Us

Diego Herzog

Professional Bellator MMA Fighter & 4th Degree BJJ Black Belt Champion

"Grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are complicated subjects. Getting a black belt is not easy, and Dr. Conrad Bui earned his black belt the hard way from me. He put in his time on the mats and in competition. As my first black belt, I can say he has a warrior spirit and is very technical in the ground game. His well-rounded approach to martial arts in general makes him a first-class professor. Oss!"

Marcel Fortuna

4th-Degree BJJ Black Belt, BJJ World Champion, and former UFC Heavyweight Fighter

“Earning a black belt in BJJ is a long and difficult road. It’s full of frustration, disappointments, and injuries. That’s why so many people quit. But it’s also one of the best investments you can make. Conrad has taken this long road and is a professor I will recommend. If you want the technical ground fighting knowledge, hit him up.”

Ricky Hui

Firefighter (retired) and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt

“I’ve known a lot of grapplers in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community, and Professor Conrad ranks right up there with the best of them. We call him "The Technician" because he never muscles anything and always uses technique. Don’t miss out on his technical expertise."

Sean Tonnochy

Muay Thai Coach and BJJ Blue Belt Champion

“Learning to fight on the ground is a must for the modern-day martial artist. Of course, if you want to learn, learn from someone who’s been there and done it like Professor Conrad. On the ground or on your feet, he is the man!”

So, what are you waiting for? Click the red button below to start today!