“Deadly Blade from Southeast Asia Does More Than Look Good”

New course unlocks the secrets to using the karambit in less than two hours.

For several years, I’ve been teaching my students — as well as individuals with law enforcement and military backgrounds — the deadly secrets of Silat

And you know what they all want to learn?

How to use the curved blade called the karambit that you see in the movies nowadays. Maybe you saw it first in the Liam Neeson film Taken or Keanu Reeves’  John Wick 3 or perhaps the Netflix movie, Extraction, starring Chris Hemsworth.  

Chris Hemsworth in Netflix's Extraction

Well, good news for them … and good news for you! 

My training company, Tiga Tactics, and I just put together a standalone training course that cuts through the Hollywood B.S. and martial arts myths. It gives you not only the life-saving knowledge, but also the training methods that will help you survive a violent encounter when using an everyday-carry (EDC) karambit to protect yourself or your loved ones.  

Before we revealed this information to the general public, learning legit karambit techniques was dicey at best. 

You would have to find a bona fide master from Southeast Asia (maybe even travel there) and, IF you were accepted as a student, you never know what kind of training you will receive because as deadly as this weapon is …

... there’s still a lot of crap being taught when it comes to the karambit.

You see there is still a lot of mysticism surrounding this weapon. 

Not only that, there are “exotic” grips and moves that look good on paper but once you go to use them, they fold like cheap lawn furniture.

The Tiga Tactics "EDC Karambit" course slices off the fat and gives you only the meat and potatoes, the information that will…

… save your life when SHTF (S#!t Hits the Fan)!

So, Who Are We?

And how did we get this life-saving knowledge and killer training methods?

I've been continuously training since 1978.

I have been involved in the bladed art of Kali since 1990, eventually earning the rank of guro (instructor). 

Later on, after many more years of study, I became a senior instructor in Silat Serak and Kuntao Silat de Thouars under legendary teachers from Indonesia who specialize in the karambit. 

Along with my advanced rankings in these bladed weapon arts, I am a Muay Thai coach at World Team USA and a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Then to round out my skillset, I also bounced at a biker bar for some time. I was witness to and involved in some real-world violence at the street level.  

Plus, my Tiga Tactics co-founder who you see in the video, Patrick Vuong, is also a legit instructor in Pekiti-Tirsia Kali, Kenpo Karate, and Kung Fu. As a published writer, he has tested and reviewed all sorts of knives and written about self-defense since 2001. 

Tiga Tactics co-founder Patrick Vuong (left) in Concealment Magazine Issue 20.

Together we have trained hundreds of students in the use of both empty hands and weapons like the karambit. We bring these effective lessons to you so that …

… you don’t have to go to Indonesia or the Philippines to train!

Here's a Glimpse at What You'll Learn

  • The surprising history behind the karambit — it may shock you!

  • What karambit brand we recommend — there is a LOT of crap out there.

  • Karambit anatomy: If you are going to utilize the karambit as a weapon to save your life, well than you better know its strengths and weaknesses.

  • Retention ring recognition: Just because the ring is there, doesn’t mean you should go sticking your pinky in there. We clearly show you what to avoid with your grip and what to do instead.

  • Brass-knuckle knowhow: Hint, the ring can be just as deadly as the blade. We explain it in full.

  • What targets make sense with the karambit — as a health care professional, I will tell you that not all targets are created equal.

  • The one grip to SKIP — we reveal one grip is often taught in Kali and Silat that is more flash than function; you are practically handing your knife to the bad guy!

  • Should you FLIP the karambit? NO, and we'll explain why.

  • Folder versus fixed blade: the good, the bad, the ugly. We don’t pull any punches when telling you our recommendations. We give you the facts, YOU decide.

  • Where to carry your karambit: Carry it in the wrong place, and you may end up dead. We show you a carry method that you can access the weapon with BOTH hands. BONUS: if you have a concealed-carry pistol or an open-carry duty weapon, the karambit works as a backup, too! We know some of you are law enforcement, military, and CCW permit holders. We didn’t forget about you!

You Want More? You Got It!

  • How to draw your weapon when SHTF: Few teachers are even teaching this! But it’s important because if you cannot draw your weapon, you won’t be able to use it. Sure, once it is out, you are a deadly weapon, but how do you get it out safely and effectively when someone is punching you in the face? We’ll share this secret with you.

  • How to transition from empty hands to your weapon: Your hands are your first line of defense during extreme close-quarters combat — NOT your knife or gun. We show you how to transition from empty-hand strikes to your weapon.

  • The SAFE way to draw. Skip this tip and you end up being your own worst enemy.

  • Where to place your support hand: Hint, you may end up cutting yourself if you keep it in the wrong place.

  • Tai Chi? Isn’t that for old people? Well, yes and no. We teach you how to integrate ancient principles with modern training.

  • Off-hand draw (or weak/support/non-dominate hand draw): We have two hands, being able to access our weapon with either hand can be the difference between life or death.

  • Supreme efficiency: Draw your weapon and cut in one motion. We break it down for you and turn you into a modern-day samurai.

  • Folding karambit deployment: The four steps to success. Miss one and you lose.

  • WHEN to drill your draw so you are guaranteed to get enough training even if you are super lazy like me. I get enough repetition with this little secret.

And All of the Above in Just the First 30 Minutes of Your Course!

You'll Also Learn ...

  • Drillers are killers: Train with us as we drill striking to drawing and set your ready position. LET’S GO!

  • What kind of stance? We share with you the ONLY stance you need for combatives and karambit usage. Hell, you probably learned it already but didn’t know it. Yes, it is that natural.

  • Stopping power — we hear about this in the firearms industry all the time. Learn how it relates to the karambit.

  • Slashing and cutting? You only need two moves! We show you how to create multiple attacks with only two moves. Simplicity is brilliance and in a life-or-death situation, it’ll save your life.

  • How to NOT cut yourself: When using the karambit at full speed in a violent battle, self-inflicted wounds are a real thing. Train right and avoid being a threat to yourself.

  • Slashing and slicing drills for skills: Easy ways to get off the couch, become dangerous, and have fun. No partner? No problem. We show you how to do solo drilling (really good during lockdowns and quarantines!).

  • Forward grip (or standard) versus reverse grip (or icepick) — which one is superior? We share our opinion. But opinions be damned because we show you how to destroy with both.

  • A fan of John Wick 3? We share Silat techniques that’ll make Keanu Reeves say, “Whoa."

If you were to take private lessons from me, you can expect to pay $200 an hour (that is if … IF I have the time; as much as I love training good people to defend themselves, I love to work out even more). 

Not only that, you would have to fly up my co-founder Patrick to round out the knowledge. Getting us to teach you privately together could cost you $400 an hour!

Well, with the pandemic, we are not going to make you travel, and I won’t have to drag my partner away from his home either.

Another factor to consider: our flagship video courses normally go for $600.

But we want to introduce Tiga Tactics to as many people as possible. The Internet is the best way to do that. We are so confident that, when you see the quality of our instruction in this online program, you will continue to want to associate with us.

So, we're not going to make you pay $600. 

Heck, we won't even make you pay half that!  

We’re offering the entire course for only $100!

But we're not sure for how long we can keep it at such a low price. So ...

On top of all this, we will give you a couple of FREE bonuses:

  • FREE Bonus #1: Access to Team Tiga Tactics, our exclusive and private Facebook group. You will be amazed at the people actively participating in this group; like-minded individuals who discuss personal protection in a supportive and positive ways. No trolls here. (Value: $97.)

  • FREE Bonus #2: Unlimited email support. Have a question? Something not clear? Simply email us and we will answer your question personally. We will not leave you hanging. (Value: Priceless.)


Robert Binder

Retired U.S. Army Ranger — Los Angeles

"The Tiga Tactics ‘EDC Karambit’ course exceeded my expectations. I feel I came away better prepared to train with and use a karambit should the need arise. Of particular note for me were the points on wearing your karambit (whether a fixed or folder), drawing, and the grips used."

Ben Fajardo

Kung Fu Sifu, Kali Guro & Lifelong Martial Artist

“I have known Dr. Conrad Bui for decades, and I would consider him one of the most knowledgeable martial artists out there. He is one of the few teachers who can both perform and teach martial arts in an effective and practical way. If you are looking to learn martial arts and combatives, you need to look him up.”

Doug Dickens

U.S. Army Veteran — Maryland

“I want to thank you for a great class and for influencing me in a profound way.... Thank you for motivating me to get off of my rear-end and exercise my mind, body, and spirit.“

Dr. Scott Sobel

5th-Degree Black Belt in Aikido

“I had the pleasure of having Dr. Conrad Bui at my school for a seminar and the man is a national treasure. He draws from an endless pool of knowledge gathered from some of the greatest living instructors. His excellent teaching style made it easy to learn even the most advanced concepts. Whether you were a brand new beginner, or seasoned high level instructor, there was something for everyone.”

The Ironclad Guarantee

Don’t like what you see? We’ll refund every penny. NO questions asked. Just email us at [email protected].

Seriously. That's how confident we are in knowing that you will LOVE the program and understand how valuable you'll find it.

Your friend,

Dr. Conrad Bui
Tiga Tactics Co-Founder

P.S. — You'll receive the EDC Karambit course (22 videos total) and two bonuses worth $97!