Knives are scary.

They are cheap.

They are easy to conceal.

They require zero training to be deadly.

And worse yet, they can kill anyone.

Case in point:

Cash App creator Bob Lee was fatally stabbed multiple times — including in the heart — while out late in Downtown San Francisco.

In Washington, D.C., a man was knifed to death by an acquaintance while using a computer in a public library — as children watched just a few feet away.

And in a Minnesota high school, a 16-year-old fatally attacked another student, piercing his stomach, chest, and heart.

The point is ...

Anyone can be deadly with a knife, anywhere at any time.

So, how do you train to stop a knife-wielding psycho?

The vast majority of knife seminars focus on ONE aspect of blade combatives: cutting up the bad guy.

These instructors only teach you what to do with the knife already in your hand. But that’s the EASY part.

The hard part is surviving long enough to get to your own blade in the first place!

So, our Knife Defense2 Seminar (pronounced "Knife Defense SQUARED Seminar") will offer practical and realistic training, such as knowing when and how to safely and quickly deploy your blade when you’ve been attacked. 

Our in-person program also includes emergency drills and worst-case scenarios, like what to do if you drop your blade or if the bad guy has gotten a hold of your weapon hand.

We’ll also take a deep dive into what you should do if a violent thug tries to shank you with a knife of his own and you haven’t gotten to your weapon yet (or aren’t carrying one).

Our innovative two-day seminar will also explore the ethics and legalities of carrying and using an edged weapon — a topic that most instructors fail to address ...

... but can dramatically affect your life after any violent encounter — legally, financially, and psychologically.

The Who

This program is for anyone who's serious about learning how to defend yourself against a vicious knife attack.

It's also for prepared and responsible folks who currently carry a blade or are looking into carrying a blade for self-defense purposes.

Also, this course will be a good refresher for law enforcement and military who might carry a blade as a backup weapon.

The When

This live and in-person event will take place on Saturday and Sunday, July 15-16, 2023.

We'll be training at the following times:


  • 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.


  • 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • 1-hour lunch break
  • 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The Where

We will be training face-to-face in San Francisco at World Team USA, one of California's premier training centers for Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, and more.

If you don't live on the West Coast, this is a great opportunity to pair up an innovative combatives event with a summer vacation in the Golden Gate City, where there are a ton of world-renown tourist attractions.

The Curriculum

Defensive Mindset

  • Individual Preparedness
  • Family Defense
  • How a protector thinks
  • Situational awareness
  • Positional awareness

Research & Life-Saving Knowledge

  • How to avoid being a stabbing victim
  • How to spot an armed assailant
  • How thugs, criminals, and the criminally insane use a knife

Unarmed Skillset

  • The simple but counterintuitive move that’ll stop a knifing
  • The two ways to control a knife-wielding psycho
  • How to put down your attacker or buy time to draw your own blade.
  • 5 primary strikes and targeting 
  • Realistic and progressive striking drills


  • Considerations for EDC knife selection
  • Training knives overview
  • Knife carry concerns
  • Legalities
  • Ethics

Armed Skillset

  • Drawing and deploying the knife during hostile conditions
  • 5 strikes with knife draw
  • The concept of “slashing to thrust and thrusting to slash”
  • Silat Square Concept

  • Stabbing
    • Forward Grip
    • Reverse Grip

  • Slashing
    • Forward Grip
    • Reverse Grip

  • Physiology of the target and medical implications
    • Stopping Power
    • Lethality
  • Footwork: What and Why
    • Triangle Footwork
    • Zero Pressure
    • Footwork drills for skills 
    • Footwork drills with knife
    • Free Flow

Worst-Case Scenarios

  • Why you shouldn’t be weapon fixated and should have backup “weapons”

  • Failure to draw
  • Failure to open
  • Dropped knife scenario
  • Knife hand grabbed by bad guy

  • What is the "Alive Hand” and the “Alive Body” and how that relates to knife fighting
    • Alive hand
    • Elbows & Knees
    • Folder as Pocket Stick/Kubotan

The Coaches

Dr. Conrad Bui

Co-Founder | Chief Training Officer | Chief Bone-Cruncher

  • Former bar bouncer and security professional
  • Guro (full instructor) in the bladed art of Kali
  • Guru Tua (advanced instructor) in the bladed art of Pentjak Silat Serak
  • Sigung (master-level instructor) in the bladed art of Kuntao Silat de Thouars
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and gold medalist
  • Muay Thai coach at World Team USA
  • 5th-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and American Freestyle Karate
  • A certified pistol instructor
  • A black belt in the Japanese sword art of Iaido 
  • Former Colorado State champion in sport karate
  • Doctor of Chiropractic

Patrick Vuong

Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer | Chief Keyboard Monkey

  • Authorized instructor in the bladed art of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali
  • 2nd-Degree black belt in Lai Chung Chuan Fa
  • 1st-Degree black belt in Kenpo Karate
  • Certified pistol instructor
  • Instructor of women's self-defense since 2008
  • Former senior editor of Recoil Magazine, where he studied under former and current Special Operations Forces instructors in advanced tactical firearms, executive protection, and force-on-force training
  • Former columnist for Black Belt Magazine
  • Published knife reviewer since 2006

The Investment

Our two-day, in-person seminars normally costs $300 per person.

However, for a limited time, we're offering admission to our seminar at deep discounts* based on a tiered system — rewarding those who reserve their slot early:

Early Bird Discount:
Now through June 10

June 11 through July 12

Regular Price:

After July 12

NOTE: All World Team USA students will receive a 50% discount on the lowest admission available at time of enrollment. 

Also, if you've attended one of our seminars before, you're also eligible for a deep discount.

To get the coupon code before you enroll, please email us at info[at]tigatactics[dot]com

(NOTE: Make sure to replace the [at] with the @ symbol and the [dot] with a period.)

But That's Not All!

Enroll today and you'll get the following FREE bonuses:

  • Access to Our Exclusive and Private Facebook Group (Value: $97): You will be amazed at the people actively participating in this group; like-minded individuals who discuss personal protection in a supportive and positive ways. No trolls here.

  • Training Manual (Value: $17): This eBook gives you 31 pages of instruction and drills (with pictures) so you can train anywhere, at any time, so long as you have access to a mobile device or computer. Or, simply print it out and carry it in your workout bag.

  • Unlimited Email Support (Value: Priceless!): Have a question? Something not clear? Simply email us and we will answer your question personally. We will not leave you hanging.

That's a seminar package valued at $414 ... for ONLY $225!

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Are You Eligible for Our Heroes Discount?

We’re also giving an additional 15% discount to those who put themselves in harm’s way for the greater good!

So, if you're an American or Canadian who is:

  • A first responder (i.e. a firefighter, paramedic, EMT, lifeguard, etc.)

  • Law enforcement  (sworn or civilian, from local to federal)
  • Military (active duty or reserve)

  • A veteran

  • A frontline healthcare worker (i.e. a nurse, doctor, tech, receptionist, etc.) …

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To provide proof of your profession and get the coupon code before you enroll, please email us at info[at]tigatactics[dot]com

(NOTE: Make sure to replace the [at] with the @ symbol and the [dot] with a period.)

It’s the least we can do for your service. But you gotta act fast because of ...

The Enrollment Cap

To ensure our high standards of instruction, and due to the size of the training facility, we're limiting enrollment to ONLY 25 students maximum. 

So don't delay — enroll now before we sell out! Hit the red button below.

The Ironclad Guarantee

If you are not satisfied at any time during your session, we will refund 100% of your admission fee. NO questions asked. 

Seriously. That's how confident we are in how valuable you'll find our Knife Defense2 Seminar.

What Our Students Are Saying

Black Belt Magazine

"At Black Belt Magazine, we've been keeping an eye on Tiga Tactics for awhile now. Why? They keep bringing us the 'state-of-the-art' in self-defense and combatives programs."

Steve Myers

Former Federal Law Enforcement — Maryland

"The system is great how it builds from the basic to the more advanced. The classes that I had in the past were lacking in basic information, and rubber knives came out and "lets go at it!" No thought of what type of knife to carry and how to operate with it. In grading [this course] I give it 100%."

Steven Barlow

"Knives Illustrated" Editor — New York

"I can say that the skills taught here were very much in line with my experiences as a police officer. As a matter of fact, the technique taught here about striking at your attacker while stepping back to create the opportunity to deploy your knife was exactly what we taught our officers during firearms training in order to be able to draw our pistols. It can SAVE YOUR LIFE."

Paul Tirajoh

Martial Arts Instructor — Colorado

"With the combatives, movement, and accelerated heartbeat/duress thrown in during the class, I was finding that my successful deployments weren’t quite what I expected them to be. From partial deployments to straight up dropping my knife on the ground, knowing these failures and training them makes me feel much more confident and competent."

Matthew Baker

Firearms Instructor — Los Angeles

"The content was presented in a universal way that was accessible and beneficial to all skill levels. I loved the concept and approach to empty-hand combatives in a weapons-based environment, utilizing moves that have a high probability of success under stress and a low probability of injury."

So What Are You Waiting For?

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