This online program cuts through the knife-fighting fallacies to help you stop an edged-weapon assault using just your bare hands

Hey, this is Patrick Vuong, co-founder of Tiga Tactics.

I want to show you two short videos.

But before I do, it’s critical you understand two points:

First, these video clips are too controversial to share on our social media or in my feature articles for Concealment Magazine and Black Belt Magazine.

That means you’re about to see something we haven't shared before.

And second, a warning: This is real footage of ordinary people in life-and-death situations.

Viewer discretion is strongly advised. 

OK, with the warning out of the way, I think they’re vital to see.

Click on the video below to watch ...

Let's freeze that clip.

Now watch the second video:

There are many similarities between these two videos … 

Both victims were minding their own business.

Both men found themselves unexpectedly in a violent situation.

And both were attacked by an assailant they had never met.

But did you catch what they didn’t do? 

Neither of them used a low block from Karate. 

Neither of them performed a simultaneous block-and-strike from Krav Maga.

And neither of them had the time to do anything other than get stabbed then clutch their left side.

There was no time to step back and draw their own pocketknife or concealed carry pistol.

So, why doesn't the old "I'll just shoot him" or "I'll just pull out my own knife" argument not hold up on the streets?

Because most knife attacks are actually knife AMBUSHES

I’m not just showing you these vicious cases to scare you.

I also want to bust the knife-fighting fallacies that many martial artists, combatives instructors, firearms teachers, and so-called self-defense experts continue to perpetuate today. 

My co-founder, Dr. Conrad Bui, and I have been researching violent crimes separately since the 1990s. 

We started analyzing real-life street fights once websites like YouTube and WorldStarHipHop debuted in 2005.

And when we started Tiga Tactics a few years ago, we realized we weren't just watching the same types of videos, we had been studying the same FBI statistics and police reports for decades.

Now, we can tell you based on our combined research and years of pressure-testing that ...

... most knifings are felt, not seen.

So, what you decide to do in that first second could mean the difference between life and death.

Unfortunately, most people make the exact wrong decision … and end up like the men in these videos.

Today, we’ll show you street-proven tactics that help you avoid the critical mistake most people make …

These tactics could save your life.

But, before I show them to you, I need to ask you a few very important questions.

Would you know what to do if someone tried to stab you in the gut with a pocketknife that they had hidden in their hand?

What would you do if someone tried to plunge a 12-inch kitchen knife into your face?

Would you flee?

Would you fight?

Or would you freeze?

There’s only one right answer.

And here’s why it’s critical you know what to do …

Every 25 seconds, an American is violently assaulted

Maybe you heard about the two elderly Asian women who were stabbed in San Francisco while waiting at a bus stop.

Perhaps you read about the rideshare driver who got shanked several times in Denver by five teenagers after arguing over seat capacity.

Or the Manhattan deli worker who was fatally knifed after a dispute that started over just $0.50. (Yes, 50 cents. How sad.)

It’s not pleasant to picture this kind of tragedy happening to someone in your family.

But, the reality is that, while crimes of almost every category recorded by the FBI has dropped in recent years, violent crime has skyrocketed.

FACT: Murders shot up by 30% in 2020, and jumped another 24% in just the first half of 2021!

Here’s another fact …

FACT: Murders by edged weapons was nearly FOUR TIMES the amount of homicides committed by all rifles.

So, if you’re thinking this can’t apply to you … that you’re safe … that you live, work, and play in only "nice neighborhoods" … and violent crimes only happen to other people …

I urge you to think again.

Violence doesn’t care who you are, where you live, or what you do for a living. Why? 

Because safety is an illusion. 

“Safety” is a thinly veiled artifice that’s only barely maintained when everyone agrees to an unsigned social contract.

But criminals don’t follow that contract.

Although attacks like these can happen to you or a loved one at any time …

You don’t have to be a victim.

You CAN protect your family from thieves, murderers, rapists, child molesters, and other criminals who won’t hesitate to use a blade.

To show you how simple this can be and to maximize your odds of survival … 

Tiga Tactics has the street-effective and reality-based “Knife Defense 1.0” online course

This guaranteed home study course is comprised of 24 videos (yes, twenty-four videos!) that will give you a practical and comprehensive approach to not only spotting and avoiding an edged weapon attack, but also help you beat back a knife-wielding psycho.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is like any other course out there. 

"Knife Defense" contains no martial arts myths or knife-fight fallacies like many other programs.

In this simple, comprehensive, and reality-based "Knife Defense" course, you'll get:

  • The Laws of Stupid: We’re BIG on situational awareness, and a little bit of it goes a long way in keeping you stab-free. We explain each "law" and how not to break any of them (hint: there are FOUR things to look out for).

  • The 2 Most Common Types of Knife Attacks: Criminals aren't trained martial arts masters, so the way they'll stab you is predictable. Learn what these two attacks are to stay safe.

  • The 2 simple (but not easy) defensive techniques that'll stop those common knife attacks

  • The 5 telltale signs of an impending knife attack and how to make it second nature to spot them before they happen.

  • Our (kinda) counter-intuitive tactic that'll prevent your torso from getting jabbed repeatedly like a pin cushion.

  • The 4 powerful empty-hand strikes that'll stop any violent thug, regardless of your speed or size..

  • Forget fancy joint locks or complicated disarms from so-called masters. We break down how you can control your opponent and the weapon into just TWO simple motions.

  • Never train with a live blade, because of the danger it involves. Here is what to do instead, so you don’t break the bank and stay safe.

If you think that's a lot, just wait — "Knife Defense" will teach you these life-saving concepts, as well:

  • Smart Targeting: Where to strike for maximum damage, without having to take an anatomy class or hurting your own body.

  • Big mistakes — avoid these common mistakes to keep your blood and insides, well, on the inside of your body!

  • Drills for Skills: No one can go from zero to hero without the training. After all, you don't rise to the occasion, you fall to your level of training. We give you 10 realistic yet progressive drills to build your skillset.

  • We motivate you to get up and workout with us. We are not going to lie to you. You will be more knowledgeable if you simply watch our video, and you will become dangerous if you get up and follow along with us. It really is that SIMPLE. Follow along and become proficient.

  • Have a partner? You are in luck because we include partner drills that will improve your knife defenses and striking skills. These fun and easy-to-do drills will skyrocket your combat effectiveness. No partner? Not to worry, we have you covered as well.

Just who is Tiga Tactics?

And why should you listen to us

Patrick Vuong in a recent issue of Knives Illustrated, where he explained the dangers of training for common knife-fighting fallacies.

Well, I'm an instructor in the bladed art of Pekiti-Tersia Kali, which uses a wide range of edged tools, including knives and machetes.

I'm also a black belt in Kenpo Karate and Southern Shaolin Kung, and am a certified handgun instructor. 

If that weren’t enough, I also served as the senior editor of Recoil Magazine, where I had the honor of studying under some of the country’s elite warriors, including current and former members of the U.S. Army Special Forces and the U.S. Navy SEALs.

And as a subject-matter authority, I'm often asked by international publications like Knives Illustrated (above) and Black Belt Magazine to write about real-world combatives and self-defense.

Dr. Conrad Bui was featured in Recoil Offgrid Magazine Issue 20.

If that's not enough, my co-founder Dr. Conrad Bui has been involved in Kali (a deadly bladed art from the Philippines) since 1990, eventually earning the rank of guro (instructor). 

Later on, he achieved certification as a senior instructor in both Silat Serak and Kuntao Silat de Thouars under legendary teachers from Southeast Asia who specialize in edged weapons.

Along with his advanced rankings in bladed combat arts, he is also a Muay Thai coach at World Team USA and a competitive black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

To round out his skillset, he has also spent time ducking haymakers and beer bottles when he pulled security duty as a bouncer at a biker bar

Together we have trained hundreds of students in the use of both empty hands and weapons like knives. 

We distill only the best of our 60-plus years of combined experience to bring the lessons to you so that …

You don’t have to train for decades to learn how to survive a knife ambush

With the murder rate and violent crime skyrocketing in the past year, you just don't have that kinda time to learn how to safely and effectively defend against an vicious knife attack. 

You need something that'll work quickly and NOW.

So, to make sure you have everything you need to protect yourself and your loved ones, we're offering "Knife Defense" — one of the flagship courses in Tiga Tactics Combatives™.

And for a limited time, we're also throwing in $663 IN BONUSES for you! 

Here are the FREE bonus materials you'll get when you order "Knife Defense" today:

  • Toolbox 1.0 Course ($250 value): Yup, you'll be get a whole other online program! This additional course focuses on how to sharpen the four most street-effective strikes you'll ever need to end a fight quickly.

  • Tiga Tactics Training Knife ($50 value): Made by Keen Edge Knives, our custom-made high-quality aluminum training knives are round-tipped and blunt enough that you won’t have to go to the hospital, but you’ll feel it when you have a training partner stabbing at you for that realistic training!

  • Safety glasses ($25 value): Order today and we’ll deliver a pair of safety-rated 3M eye protection. These glasses have an impact rating of ANSI Z87+, so they won't shatter upon impact. They'll help keep your peepers working so you can see when a (training) knife is coming at you.

  • Instruction Manual eBook ($100 value): The worst thing that can happen to someone who’s training is for them to get confused. With our digital instruction manual, you’ll get extra clarity to make our program work for you.

  • Quick-Start Guide PDF ($15 value): Ever taken an online course and got confused? So have we! That’s why we’re sending easy-to-understand guide that sets you up for success.

  • Tiga Tactics Big Morale Patch ($20 value): Our patch features the Tiga Tactics logo with a Velcro backing for easy attachment and removal. It's made of rubber-like PVC and has a 3D-like aesthetic.

  • Stickers ($6 value): Place these UV-resistant, waterproof stickers on your car, notebook, ammo can, or water bottle.

  • $100 Gift Certificate for a Tiga Tactics Seminar: To make things easier for you to learn from us LIVE, we’re throwing in a $100 gift certificate to any Tiga Tactics in-person seminar of your choice! That way, if we happen to be in your area at the right time, you can train with us for a lot less cash than what a seminar ticket usually costs.

  • Membership to Our Exclusive Facebook Group ($97 value): Team Tiga Tactics is a Facebook group for our students, alumni, instructors, and trusted allies — a private group you can join only by invitation. This allows you to interact with us daily without prying eyes, to get insider content shown before the public sees it (or not at all), and to receive exclusive discounts for future courses, products, and training. Enroll today and you'll be invited into this exclusive club.

"Knife Defense 1.0" bundled with all of its BONUSES would typically cost $1,263.

But, for a limited time, we're offering "Knife Defense" for $600.

That's a SAVINGS of $663!

I’m sure we can both agree that your life and the life of your loved ones is worth much more than this investment of $600.

But, in case you still have any doubts, just read what one of our students — Lance Smith of Reno, Nevada — had to say about this program …

“I have had some training from different martial arts over the years — Kung Fu, Wrestling, and Taekwondo. These have all been great disciplines, but I never felt like I could use a lot of those techniques for real life, especially if I am being attacked by someone with a knife. 

"Conrad and Patrick from Tiga Tactics really break down the essentials of how to survive these deadly situations. Heaven forbid, I find myself in a knife attack, I feel so much more confident knowing the tactics of how to protect and defend against such threats. 

"To anyone who is looking for a straightforward way to survive a knife attack, without the Pish Posh and Hollywood fantasy. Tiga Tactics is the best of the best.”

The bottom line is, you owe it to yourself and your family to have the knowledge, skills, and training you'll get from our home study course. 

If you order today, we'll give you EVERYTHING we just covered ...

... for $600 instead of the original full cost of $1,263 — that's a SAVINGS OF $663!

Additionally, we have something else for you if you qualify ...

Here’s Something for Our Heroes

Besides all the bonuses that come with "Knife Defense" and the fact that we’re already giving a discount to anyone who buys today…

… we’re also giving another 15% discount to those who put themselves in harm’s way for the greater good!

So, if you're in the USA or Canada and you’re:

  • A first responder (i.e. a firefighter, paramedic, EMT, lifeguard, etc.)

  • Law enforcement  (sworn or civilian, from local to federal)
  • Active-duty military

  • A veteran

  • A frontline healthcare worker (i.e. a nurse, doctor, tech, receptionist, etc.) …

 … you can get "Knife Defense" for ONLY $510 instead of the current price of $600.

If you qualify, and you want in on the discount, email me at patrick [at] tigatactics [dot] com (make sure to replace "at" with the @ symbol) before you order, and we’ll take care of you.

It’s the least we can do for your service!

And, of course, everything today is backed by our …

Our Ironclad Guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied with this course. 

So, buy the course.

Watch all 24 videos ...

Study the techniques at home.

Practice all of the drills by yourself and/or with a friend.

If, at that point, "Knife Defense" doesn’t make you feel safer … 

Then write to me, tell me why you're not satisfied, and I’ll refund every cent you’ve paid me today.

That's how confident we are that you'll value this life-saving course.

So, there’s no risk to you at all. You’re either 100% satisfied. Or you’ll get your money back.

Just keep in mind, this special offer won't be around long.

As soon as you sign up for this training, you'll get instant online access to "Knife Defense 1.0" and a confirmation email with links to your digital bonsuses. Your physical bonuses will be shipped out once I get your address.

What it all boils down to is this: You can either miss out on this training that could save your life …

Or you can take advantage of this risk-free offer and get "Knife Defense 1.0" delivered to you immediately.

Go ahead and click on the red button below right now. 

And remember to ...

Stay Alert, Stay Humble, Stay Kind,

Patrick Vuong
Co-Founder |  Lead Instructor | Chief Keyboard Pounder
Tiga Tactics

P.S. — Just to summarize, we’ve got an online course that can train you and your loved ones in simple, reality-based knife defense.

On top of that, if you order oday, you’ll get $663 dollars in bonuses to help you train up faster!

Oh, and all of this is backed by our money-back guarantee.

P.P.S. — If you wanna know how well our training’s worked for other people, check out what our students are saying about "Knife Defense" below.

What Our Students Are Saying

Rob Pingor

Former NSA Officer — Virginia

"When it comes to techniques, things go from complex down to simple. In my mind, simplicity is perfection. You guys distilled it down to two very solid techniques that integrated very well with a variety of different backgrounds and skillsets. You guys exceeded my expectations on every level."

Peter Mouttapa

Karate Black Belt

"I’ve seen a million videos over the years of knife attacks. This is one of the first classes that deals with the multiple strike aspect. It’s very simple and super effective."

Arwen D.

Engineer — California

"What I liked was that you broke it down to really simple things so I can walk out of here remembering it. And I like that you did the research — that’s much more useful than anything like this that I’ve been to before."

Lance Smith

Singer/Songwriter — Nevada

"I have had some training from different martial arts over the years — Kung Fu, wrestling, and Tae Kwon Do. These have all been great disciplines, but I never felt like I could use a lot of those techniques in real life — especially if I am being attacked by someone with a knife. ... I feel so much more confident knowing the tactics of how to protect and defend against such threats. To anyone who is looking for a straightforward way to survive a knife attack — without the Pish Posh and Hollywood fantasy — Tiga Tactics is the best of the best!

Jeffrey Han

Performer, Poet, Producer — Los Angeles

"Conrad and Patrick give you the honest realities of a knife attack, and how to keep yourself as safe as possible. I learned preventative and active techniques to defend myself against knife attacks in almost any situation. Through practicing the various drills, and awareness applications, I am confident that I am better prepared to navigate the unpredictable world. I recommend Stab Proof to anyone because the concepts are practical, reality based, and the instructors teach them in a way that is both entertaining, and easy to understand."

If you want to experience what our students already have ...

... and get "Knife Defense" and all of its bonuses while SAVING $663, click the red button below


Questions & Answers About Tiga Tactics Combatives


    There are many, many good combatives instructors out there, and everyone has their own approach. We understand we are not law enforcement nor military contractors, but we believe this makes us more accessible and relatable to the average person. We are also not macho or tough guys.

    In fact, we are nerds and honor students with college degrees (one of us even has a doctorate degree) who love martial arts and love to see people gain confidence and fitness while learning to protect themselves and their loved ones.

    In choosing who to learn from, check their background. What is our background? Read below. We are confident you will be hard pressed to find a whole cadre of teachers with the following experience, let alone just two:

    Dr. Conrad Bui
    • 5th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and American Freestyle Karate
    • Instructor/Coach in Muay Thai
    • Guro (Full Instructor) in Nubreed Kali
    • Guru (Full Instructor) in Pentjak Silat Serak
    • Sigung (Master Level) in Kuntao Silat deThouars
    • Sigung (Master Level) in Ying Lung Hsing
    • Sifu (Full Instructor) in Jeet Kune Do Concepts
    • Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    • Former bar bouncer
    • Published writer/photographer in Black Belt Magazine, Recoil Magazine, and Recoil Offgrid Magazine
    • Doctor of Chiropractic

    Patrick Vuong
    • 2nd Degree Black Belt in Lai Chung Chuan Fa
    • 1st Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate
    • Authorized Instructor in Pekiti-Tirsia Kali
    • Instructor of Aegis Personal Protection Systems’ Women's Self-Defense since 2008
    • Founder and Head Instructor of the CSUF Martial Arts Fitness Class
    • Current student of Pentjak Silat Serak, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    • Editor and published writer/photographer in Black Belt Magazine, Recoil Magazine, Recoil Offgrid Magazine, Breach Bang Clear, and Survival Dispatch Magazine.
    • Tactical firearms training under various elite instructors, including law enforcement and former members of the U.S. Special Operations Forces


    Tiga Tactics Combatives pulls the very best from ancient arts as well as modern day research and training. Nothing new with that, but many teachers (past and present) trained in only one or two systems and then dabbled (or even just watched videos and read books) in other systems, extracting what they “thought” was useful from those arts.

    We think it is irresponsible to just dabble in a system (any system) and believe to have enough knowledge to extract what is “believed” to be functional.

    It would be like a white belt teaching you what is effective in that particular system, yet that is what many teachers have done — they may excel at one or two systems, dabbled in five others and profess to tell you what is legit in their “dabbled” arts.

    We spent not just years, but decades of training in each of our arts — distilling just the most effective concepts to create Tiga Tactics Combatives. When we say we took a certain technique or training method from an art, you can be certain that the technique or training method was thoroughly researched to black belt level and in certain arts, to master levels.

    We did it all; we trained, we competed, we ranked up, we mastered, we bounced, and we researched street violence to bring you Tiga Tactics Combatives.

    Here are the sources for Tiga Tactic’s Combatives curriculum and what we extracted, filtered, and refined to bring to you something that is new, unique, and totally Tiga Tactics:

    Tae Kwon Do/ American Free-Style Karate/ Point Sparring:
    • The concept of hitting-without-getting-hit from point sparring.
    • A fight is a physical activity; be fit if you want to fight.

    Jeet Kune Do Concepts:
    • “Using no style as style” — we consider ourselves martial artists without borders.
    • Pressure test — like Bruce Lee said, “If you want to learn to swim, jump into the water.”
    • Constant learning and unlearning — We started with a mountain of martial arts experience (where as some started with a mole hill) and CUT out so much fluff that Tiga Tactics Combatives drew blood.
    • Being an “open-minded skeptic” allowed us to see things more clearly and honestly.
    • Research — martial arts is a science and therefore can be studied as such with hypothesis, labs, and (perhaps most importantly) tests.

    Nubreed Kali
    • Stick — attack and defense concepts and techniques
    • Knife — attack and defense concepts and techniques

    Pentjak Silat Serak
    • Fights happen in close range
    • Triangle principles — for awareness, footwork, combat tactics, and techniques
    • Elbow strikes
    • Flinch response shown in the forms

    Kuntao Silat de Thouars
    • Solid base — from old-school Kung Fu training or you may end up on your ass
    • Explosiveness — power striking is what gets the job done
    • Constant training and physical development are a necessity, especially if you want to keep your tools sharp and age well

    Ying Lung Hsing (made up of Tai Chi, Ba Gua, and Hsing Yi):
    • Tai Chi principle of “Go slow to go fast” — as they say in the military, “slow is smooth and smooth is FAST.”
    • Slow training for warm-up and proper body mechanics
    • Put the entire body into each strike — engage the core and use inertia
    • “Fighting requires speed but first the internal demands slowness. Violence requires power, but first the internal requires softness.”

    Thai Boxing:
    • Train both attack and defense
    • The Helmet — covering your head and keeping your eyes open and strong
    • Drilling in a safe and realistic way develops pattern recognition, timing, distancing, and targeting
    • Elbows and knees — thrusting the hips to generate power
    • Clinching — controlling, sensitivity, and drills
    • Progressive drilling
    • Majority of training and sparring is done safely and with control; technical sparring can still make you deadly
    • Your attacker is not going to just stand there; deal with their counter attacks and put that into your drills
    • Live training to pressure test your techniques
    • Focus mitt — targeting and contact
    • Thai pads — some targeting and more contact
    • Kicking shield — minor targeting and major contact
    • Body Opponent Bag — targeting and FULL contacting
    • Heavy bag — little targeting and FULL contact
    • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Submission Grappling
    • Stay all the way out or all the way in
    • Figure out their attack and have a logical way to deal with it
    • Position before submission — get to a safe location before unloading your offense (our P.R.O.tect System)
    • Live training to test your techniques and tactics
    • Use technique and leverage, not brute strength
    • There is always a way out no matter what position or submission you find yourself in.

    Online Videos: Studied the most common attacks on the street
    • Suckerpunch, knife stabbing, club attacks and firearms
    • Untrained attackers have a predictable way of attacking not commonly taught in the dojo or gym.
    • The skill of an average attacker is similar to that of a middle school student, because most people do not train or even think about violence.
    • Attackers do not just stop and give up after one counterattack — in other words, they keep on coming in a predictable manner.
    • Attacks are often fast, violent, and in close range

    • Weakness of the human anatomy
    • Strengths of the human anatomy
    • Biomechanics and physiology

    Night Club Security / Bouncer
    • Situational awareness
    • Verbal de-escalation
    • Multiple attacker tactics

    Aegis Personal Protection Systems Women’s Self-Defense
    • Three Pillars of Personal Protection: knowledge, tactics, and training
    • Personal safety starts first with smart lifestyle choices

    Pekiti-Tirsia Kali
    • Edged weapon combatives
    • Slash to thrust and thrust to slash
    • Slashes maim, thrusts kill
    • Stick combatives
    • The universal applications can be used with a pen, flashlight, etc.
    • Pangamut — Knife techniques can translate to empty-hand strikes
    • Triangle footwork — moving to engage and disengage

    Lai Chung Chuan Fa
    • Southern Shaolin Kung Fu stance work — deep stable stances and assured footing
    • Dirty fighting — groin shots and eye gouges
    • Traditional weapons like spear, Kwan Do, Butterfly Swords — can be applied to broom strike, cane, and other modern-day objects

    Kenpo Karate
    • Toughen the body — develop discipline, fitness, endurance, and the ability to endure pain
    • Point sparring, semi-contact sparring, and full-contact sparring — Take the “swimming lessons on dry land” and put them to the test in shallow water, the deep end, and the ocean

    Tactical Firearms Training
    • High-Risk Dignitary Protection training — understanding how ambushes happen and how to prevent and stop them
    • Pressure testing physiological responses to fear using physical conditioning and force-on-force training
    • Handgun fundamentals and advanced tactics
    • AR-15 fundamentals and advanced tactics


    Despite our decades of martial arts research and thousands of dollars spent on training, we still felt insecure when it came to street violence. That was frustrating to say the least.

    Sure, we could win trophies by kicking someone in the head and we could earn medals by slapping on a submission during an intense Jiu-Jitsu match, but we were still insecure about an actual STREET encounter.

    We were honest with ourselves and did not ignore the insecurity and frustrations like many teachers do. How do we know? Because we used to be those teachers who thought all was good with our training. We would think the system we trained in had all the answers.

    If that one did not, it was on to the next and the next and the next. We spent our entire life searching for the answers to surviving a violent encounter. Some systems were known as bladed systems, yet we felt insecure about an actual knife attack on the streets. Some systems were known for their footwork and dealing with multiple attackers and yet we felt the uncertainty of dealing with even one attacker. This HONESTY with ourselves, led us to going back to the drawing board.

    We first had to figure out how an attack on the street REALLY went down and — big hint — it does not happen like you train it in class, in the dojo, or in the gym. We spent hours researching surveillance footage and figured the four most common attacks were committed by a knife (or edged weapon), a club (or impact weapon), a punch, or a firearm. Each of those attacks were carefully researched, and we stumbled upon the fact that untrained humans had a tendency to attack in very specific ways regardless where they lived — be it in Europe or Uganda, Baltimore or Bangkok.

    Through our research, we discovered that attacks did not happen like the old masters and modern-day teachers THOUGHT it did because they simply did not have the means or access to the hours of surveillance footage. In many instances the attacks found in dojos and other combatives courses are WAY off.

    If you train the wrong attacks, you come up with the wrong solutions.

    It was back to the drawing board once we isolated the most common type of attacks. Our next step was to comb through all the arts we learned and were certified to teach (not just dabbled in) and figure out the most direct and effective solutions against these common attacks with a cooperative partner. And, finally, we had to figure out a training methodology that would allow a student to progress logically all the while maintain a level of realism that would match the street violence we had seen.

    You see, in many other classes, courses, and seminars, the teacher shows a technique once or twice. Then you might do it in the air a few times. And finally, you might do it slowly with a partner. Then suddenly they have you jump right into full force-on-force or full-contact training, and the student inevitably LOSES. We did not want that from our students, we want success, not failure. So once again we combed through and filtered the best training methods of our arts (over a DOZEN!) and discovered a logical training progression that used the most effective methods of ancient masters of China to modern-day Mixed Martial Arts.

    Because of our unique perspective, unmatched background, thorough research and MOSTLY our insecurities, there is NOTHING like the Tiga Tactics Combatives curriculum when it comes to increasing your odds of surviving a violent encounter. Our training is safe, logical, progressive, (dare we say) fun, and most of all effective.


    YES of course you have to train! Even we have to continuously train to keep our skills sharp. We would be LYING to you if we said all you have to do is watch our program and by some act of the divine, the muscle memory and knowledge is uploaded into your body, like in The Matrix … “Whoa, I know Kung Fu.”

    You will have to train and (luckily) by training you will:
    Get fit: Yes, you will work up a sweat
    • Gain the correct muscle memory to improve your odds of surviving violence
    • Improve your confidence
    • Create stronger bonds with those you train with

    That being said, once you finish our curriculum we recommend that you spend at least 30 minutes a week reviewing the material or you will simply not have the skills to use when the need arises.


    Our past participants have included soccer moms with no martial arts training or an aggressive bone inside them. After going through our course, it was difficult to distinguish them from more experienced martial artists.

    Our program has been scientifically designed to take you by the hand, start you working on the simple basics and progress you in a relaxing and fun manner. If you know your right hand from your left, you will be able to complete our course and improve your odds of surviving a violent encounter.


    That will make this course even easier for you, as you will be familiar with many of the SIMPLE techniques we use. Look, we are never going to criticize training in ANY martial arts because any self-defense training beats sitting on the couch watching reruns of The Simpsons (although The Simpsons is a fun alternative, it will not make you fit or more coordinated to survive a violent encounter). From our research there is NO perfect martial arts and no perfect technique.

    Worse, we discovered the majority of martial arts (yes, even Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, and Muay Thai) were training street defense all wrong because their founders did not have access to video footage of live attacks to perform a scientific study. Beyond that, many of these systems did not want to cooperate and share the best of their training methods with each other (if something like that even actually happened).

    Well, we did the research (and like SCIENCE, if you watched the same footage and performed the same study, you would come up with the same conclusions), we dug through all our systems (mind you we have obtained instructor and master instructor rankings in all the systems we represent) and we pressure tested the techniques. Next, we had to come up with a logical progression of training to make our students SUCCESSFUL. Did you notice that BJJ, Muay Thai, and MMA fighters are so badass? It is NOT the style but the intelligent training these athletes are subjected to. Don’t worry, you don’t have to train that hard to be successful with our program, but we will not discourage you if you feel like going balls-to-the-walls in your training either.

    Lastly, you never have to stop any art you are doing, and we encourage you to continue training in whatever art you love. Tiga Tactics Combatives can be a standalone system and, at the same time, it can be used as a supplemental program within any style.


    Not at all. The only requirement will be to have four working limbs. In fact, our program uses only gross motor movements (the kind of movement that is BEST for defending your life), making this program very EASY to learn.

    Also, the training is progressive so that, as you build the skills, you are also building the muscle memory, the strength, and the endurance necessary to protect yourself.


    We recommend everyone get the OK from their licensed healthcare provider before starting any type of physical activity.


    There is no doubt that size does matter, but make no mistake, with the Tiga Tactics Combatives program even the smallest individual can be dangerous. We will teach you how to weaponize EVERY single pound you possess. With Tiga Tactics Combatives, knowing what to do, how to do it, and when to do it is MANY times more important than shear mass.

    Our Chief Training Officer, Dr. Conrad Bui, competes in the featherweight division yet he can (and has) put down guys twice his size.

FAQ Part 2

More Answers to the Most Common Questions


    No, because you are going to get what you pay for.

    First off, few people or even groups of people possess our background and our knowledge. This may sound like we are bragging but remember, it is not bragging if it is TRUE. Not only is the credibility of many of these teachers on YouTube questionable, many of them are simply regurgitating what is floating around out there already.

    Why else do you think they are showing it for free? And, really, do you want to trust your life to the AMATEURS giving out freebies?


    Like we said, you get what you pay for. Here is what you are paying for:

    Professionally Produced: We love to learn, and we have personally bought many of these types of courses! In fact, we may have the same courses you do. We have seen the low production values like filming in the alley where you could barely hear what the teacher was saying. We took it to the studio where we controlled the lighting, the angles and the sound. We show techniques from multiple angles on a plain background so nothing distracts you from learning what you need to. We slowed it down in certain shots. We placed graphics on the screen as markers to emphasis important details. Damn, we feel we deserve an Oscar for what we did but that is NOT all…

    The Logical Technique: The majority of the training out there is old regurgitated stuff from the ‘70s and ‘80s — Kenpo, Kung Fu, Aikido, or what have you — in disguise by teachers wearing military outfits and camo. Even modern approaches like Krav Maga and Jeet Kune Do are outdated today. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE martial arts. We still train and teach martial arts everyday … but the truth is the old masters never had the advantage of YouTube, surveillance footage, and FBI crime statistics to do their research. Without the data, these masters and teachers could only go off of their own experiences or what was passed down to them from their teacher’s own limited experience.

    As stated before, we spent COUNTLESS HOURS researching live footage of attacks just to figure out how people ambush you on the street, and it was an eye-opener despite our decades of martial arts and combatives training. Once we isolated methods used on the street, we next combed through over 12 different systems that we have instructor rankings in and sifted through literally hundreds (yes HUNDREDS) of techniques acquired over the years.

    Please above for the systems we are certified to teach and the techniques/concepts used to bring Tiga Tactics Combatives to fruition. Although this sounds OUTRAGEOUS (and it IS outrageous considering how many hours of our lives were spent putting together something logical, effective, new and totally unique), the techniques used in Tiga Tactics Combatives are quite SIMPLE.

    And it should be simple because on the street, you will only have control of your gross motor skills.

    Training Progression: The training progression used in your Tiga Tactics Combatives program is meant to BURN the technique into your muscle memory so it will be there for you when “the sh!t hits the fan.” We start out slowly using Tai Chi-like movements to warm you up and allow you to work on the details. From there we progress in a scientific, step-by-step process to working with a partner and eventually going all out with different equipment. By the time you finish our training, you will have a complete workout and self-defense program you can use for the rest of your life, not only to keep fit but to keep yourself and those you love safe.

    Ongoing Support: That’s correct, once you purchase our course, we consider you a part of the Tiga Tactics family and we LOVE family. We have set up a private Facebook group called Team Tiga Tactics. It’s an exclusive place for Tiga Tactics instructors, alumni, and VIPs to ask questions about your training or about self-defense in general. Remember, we are nerds and Average Joes just like you. We are NOT just going to leave you hanging — we want you train, we want you to succeed, we want you to be able to defend yourself and those you love. We’ll be there to give you support, answer your questions and hopefully we can meet you face-to-face at a live seminar one day.


    We encourage you to train with a partner or loved one. Please share away. We only ask that you do NOT make copies of our program to give out to others (or provide your password for our online courses), as this would be the same as stealing. We have spent countless hours training, researching footage, putting the Tiga Tactics program together in a logical and progressive way, filming, editing the footage and getting it to you; we trust you will do the right thing with our efforts.

    If you are a school owner and want to teach this at your school, we would be happy to assist you with our Instructors Training Program once you finish the basic 1.0 courses. Please contact us for more information on how to become a Certified Tiga Tactics Combatives Instructor and implement it into your school in a professional manner.


    Absolutely! We stand behind EVERY inch and every minute of our product. If are you are not happy with our work and our support, we will REFUND your money (minus any shipping and handling fees) after we have received the physical bonus materials back. NO questions asked, and we will still part as friends! We are that confident in how much you are going to keep, use, and appreciate this program.

So, what are you waiting for?

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