This comprehensive course unlocks how anyone — whether you're a beginner or a master — can sharpen the most powerful strikes for the streets

And get in fighting shape at the same time!

What's the most deadly kick?

How can I knockout someone with one punch?

What's the best move to do in a street-fight?

These are just some of the most common questions we get as self-defense instructors. And while are they are common, they are NOT the right questions to ask if you're looking to defend yourself in a violent confrontation.

That's because there's NO single "best" technique that can guarantee your safety.

Anyone who says there is one is either lying to you or lying to themselves.

But what CAN help you survive a life-and-death situation is realistically and progressively training the 4 most effective strikes.

So, what strikes can help you survive a life-and-death situation?

After training for a combined 60-plus years, our two co-founders — Dr. Conrad Bui and Patrick Vuong — have discovered that it's a simple (but not easy) formula:

  • Obtain life-saving knowledge (e.g. understand how criminals attack and why they choose certain victims, etc.)

  • Use everyday defensive tactics (e.g. situational awareness, don't break the Laws of Stupid, etc.)

  • Practice realistic and progressive training ...

And the "Toolbox" program IS that realistic and progressive training, showing you what the most street-effective strikes are and how to fire them during pressure-testing drills.

What is realistic and progressive training?

Well, realistic training is understanding how criminals actually attack and simulating that in a controlled environment. 

And progressive training is starting with a simple technique slowly and lightly. Then, you carefully add not only more complex movements but also speed and intensity, step-by-step, until you are training at full speed and full power.

Combining both realistic AND progressive training is the weapon you'll need to stop a violent attack on the streets.

Unfortunately, MOST instructors won't offer both requirements.

Few martial arts teachers will do the research to know how criminals actually assault people on the streets. Instead, they'll teach techniques for hypothetical situations or those that are based on ancient warfare.

Most reality-based combatives instructors will simulate realistic attacks BUT lack the all important progressive nature of our training. They will show a technique or move a few times then expect their students to go from zero to hero in a single session.

Or, worse yet, NEVER pressure-test their techniques.

This is the equivalent of learning how to swim on dry land and then diving into the deep end of the pool.

How do you think a new swimmer would do? The same goes for a student in self-defense.

The "Toolbox" home study course will teach you how to start off in the self-defense shallow end until you can start firing the 4 most powerful strikes, even if you're facing a tidal wave of violence.

"Toolbox 1.0" will sharpen your striking skills and help you survive almost any violent encounter

This guaranteed home study course will give you a comprehensive curriculum and training regimen to sharpen the 4 most street-effective strikes you'll need to survive almost any violent encounter.

Well, in truth, it's 3 strikes and 1 technique. 

But that 1 technique can be a fight-ender all by itself.

In fact, Bruce Lee often taught this as his go-to move for a real street fight — but we've modified it and, dare we say, improved it!

It'll not only show how to do this technique and the 3 strikes, but also how to train them safely and progressively — while having fun, too.

After all, you don't feel safe and you're not having fun, you're not gonna train.

In this simple, comprehensive, and reality-based "Toolbox" course, you'll get:

  • The 4 Most Effective Empty-Hand Strikes: Whether you're a 100-pound beginner or a martial arts master, these 3 strikes and 1 technique will help you stop almost any violent thug.

  • Realistic Training: We bust martial arts myths and street-fight fallacies to give you techniques that WILL work on the streets. No fancy spin kicks or overly complicated wrist locks. Just simple, direct, and powerful moves.

  • Progressive Training: You can't go from zero to hero in one or two sessions. We show you how to start slowly and lightly, allowing you to perfect each technique, before amping up the speed, intensity, and complexity — strike by strike, step by step.

  • A Comprehensive Curriculum: Unlike most instructors who teach various of techniques in a random order, we give you a specific regimen to follow that provides the most logical progression for building speed, power, and deadliness.

  • Drillers are Killers: Using a combination of solo drills, focus mitts, Thai pads, and a heavy bag, we give an almost endless list of drills you can use to perfect your striking, whether alone or with a trusted training partner.

  • Fit to Fight: If you follow our training regimen, you will not only learn how to put down almost any violent attacker, you'll also get a fantastic workout by burning a ton of calories and building your endurance.

  • Low Investment, High Yield: Due to the modular nature of our course, you can practice different sections of the "Toolbox" for just 15 minutes a day and still see significant benefits in speed, power, and endurance.

Just who is Tiga Tactics?

And why should you train with us?

Dr. Conrad Bui featured in Recoil Offgrid Magazine Issue 20.

Tiga Tactics co-founder Dr. Conrad Bui is literally a master of the striking arts.

He has achieved certification as a senior instructor in Silat Serak and as a master instructor in Kuntao Silat de Thouars under legendary teachers from Southeast Asia who specialize in close-quarters combat.

Plus, he holds a 5th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and American Freestyle Karate. He's also a Muay Thai coach at World Team USA and a competitive black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

If that's not enough, he's also a full instructor in Bruce Lee's scientific street-fighting style called Jeet Kune Do, as well as the deadly bladed art of Kali

To round out his skillset, he has also spent time ducking haymakers and beer bottles when he pulled security duty as a bouncer at a biker bar

Patrick Vuong in a recent issue of Knives Illustrated, where he explained the dangers of training for common knife-fighting fallacies.

His co-founder, Patrick Vuong, is also a legit instructor in the bladed art of Pekiti-Tersia Kali, which specializes in knives, sticks, and empty-hand striking.

But that's not all. He's a black belt in Kenpo Karate and a 2nd-degree black belt in Southern Shaolin Kung. Plus, he's a certified handgun instructor. 

Moreover, Patrick served as the head editor of Recoil Magazine, where he had the honor of studying under current and former members of the U.S. Army Special Forces and U.S. Navy SEALs.

Today, he's recognized as a subject-matter expert and often asked by international publications to write about self-defense and combatives.

Together we have trained hundreds in the use of both empty hands and weapons. 

We distill only the best of our 60-plus years of combined experience to bring the lessons to you so that …

You don’t have to train for 6 decades like we did to learn how to strike with speed and power

If you were to take private lessons from one of us, you can expect to pay $200 an hour (that is if … IF we have the time; our private student load is basically FULL right now). Not only that, you would have to fly the other partner to round out the knowledge. Getting us BOTH to teach you privately together would cost you $400 an hour.

Well, with the pandemic, we are not going to make you travel, and we won’t have to drag our partner away from his home either.

Another factor to consider: our flagship courses normally cost $600

But if you act today, you won't have to pay $400 for this 10-part innovative training program.

You won't even have to pay $300. For a limited time ...

We’re offering you the entire course for only $250!

But That's Not All

On top of this, we are going to give you a couple of FREE bonuses:

  • FREE Bonus #1 (Value: $97) — Access our exclusive Team Tiga Tactics Facebook group. You will be amazed at the people actively participating in this private group; like-minded individuals who discuss personal protection in a supportive and positive ways. No trolls here.

  • FREE Bonus #2 (Value: Priceless): Unlimited email support. Have a question? Something not clear? Simply email us and we will answer your question personally. We will not leave you hanging.

What are you waiting for?

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Doug Dickens

U.S. Army Veteran — Maryland

“I want to thank you for a great class and for influencing me in a profound way.... Thank you for motivating me to get off of my rear-end and exercise my mind, body, and spirit.“

Dr. Scott Sobel

5th-Degree Black Belt in Aikido

“Dr. Conrad Bui's excellent teaching style made it easy to learn even the most advanced concepts. Whether you were a brand new beginner, a seasoned high level instructor, an outdoor enthusiast, or a prepared individual who just wanted to better protect themselves, there was something for everyone.”

Tim MacWelch

Survival Expert and Author of Multiple Bestselling Survival Manuals

"Self-defense shouldn't be limited to the 'best' of us, it should be for the 'rest of us. So whether you're in great shape (or not), you should still take the initiative to learn how to protect yourself and those you love — and Tiga Tactics is the best place I can recommend."

Jeffrey Han

Performer, Producer, Poet — Los Angeles

“Patrick Vuong of Tiga Tactics brings a wealth of martial arts experience paired with a practical mindset. He cuts the unnecessary fluff and gets to the methods and techniques that could one day save your life."

Ben Fajardo

Kung Fu Sifu, Kali Guro & Lifelong Martial Artist

“I have known Dr. Conrad Bui for decades, and I would consider him one of the most knowledgeable martial artists out there. He is one of the few teachers who can both perform and teach martial arts in an effective and practical way. If you are looking to learn martial arts and combatives, you need to look him up.”

Ironclad Guarantee

But what if you get this home study course and don’t like what you see? 

We’ll refund every penny. No questions asked. That is how confident we are in knowing that you will LOVE this online program.

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Dr. Conrad Bui and Patrick Vuong
Tiga Tactics co-founders


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